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We are committed to empowering you with knowledge and information, so you can make informed decisions about purchasing a tiny house for your land as an ADU. Whether you’re considering it for personal use, rental income, or housing family members, our goal is to equip you with the tools to make your tiny house living journey successful.

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Welcome to the world of Tiny House as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on the West Coast! Our comprehensive guide empowers tiny house enthusiasts with valuable insights, from understanding ADU benefits to navigating regulations and policies. Join us on this journey and make informed decisions for your successful tiny house living experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Land Purchase

Do I need to prep my site?

Yes, we recommend either a concrete pad or a gravel pad (graded and levelled). You will also need to ensure you prepare yourself for any possible winter conditions. This includes, but is not limited to; having a back-up generator, ensuring that you have back-up propane bottles, etc. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information.

I found a great site, but it has no septic or power. Do you build tiny house RVs for off-grid?

We do not install any solar, however we can design the tiny house RV to be off-grid ready, complete with propane heating, composting toilet, 12V lighting, propane appliances, etc. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

Where can I park the Tiny House RV?

All of our Tiny House RVs are certified as Recreational Vehicles (RVIA NFPA 1192 and CSA Standard Z240 RV) therefore in most areas they fall under the same category as any other RV when you are looking for a place to park. In this regard, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be aware of any bylaws that may effect your location. 

If I am not going off-grid, what hookups will I need on site?

All our standard base models are equipped for electricity on site. We recommend you have 50A available to the home if possible!

Each RV comes standard with a 3” RV grey water and black water hookup, which will give you the option of hooking the home into septic/sewer. The water connection is hooked up with a simple garden hose connection! We can supply you with a 50A Power cord (20ft), as well as the necessary sewer hookups and water hose so that you are ready to hook into services as soon as the tiny house RV is delivered to you! See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

What hookups do I need on site?

All of our standard base models are all equipped for electricity on site. They all come standard with 3 inch RV grey water and black water hookups, which give you the option of hooking them up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via garden hose connection. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

Is my Tiny House RV equipped for cold winters?

We insulate all our Tiny House RVs using closed cell foam for the walls and roof for the rigidity and R-value, and rigid insulation in the floors. This gives you an R-value of R21. You will still need to add insulated skirting around the trailer chassis, to regulate the temperature shift below the trailer chassis. We often have some recommended upgrades for those living in extreme winter climates. For example we often recommend adding in a propane forced air furnace, or upgrading the mini split to an Arctic mini split (220V) to better withstand the cold climates. See our free Cold Climate/Winter Guide for more detailed information.