Aim High- You’ve Earned it.
Why a Mint Tiny House Could Be Your Retirement Dream Home

You’ve spent decades of your life doing what you needed or were supposed to do to survive this thing called life. Now it’s your time.

Or at least it was supposed to be your time. But if you are one of the many millions facing retirement, you might be wondering if your plans are going to pan out. After all, no one could have accounted for all the ways in which a pandemic, inflation, or supply chain issues would affect retirement arrangements.

Can we tell you something, though? 

We became tiny home builders almost a decade ago because of the steadfast belief that tiny houses have the power to change the world. So if you are facing retirement, we’d like to encourage you to aim high and hold fast to your dreams. 

What if your retirement was not only safe but could be even more beautiful than you imagined?

If that sounds too good to be true, it might be because the word “retirement” throws us such a mixed bag of emotions these days.

On one hand, you are probably excited about a life that doesn’t involve a commute, the 9-5 grind, or your co-worker Tabitha. (You know, the one who loves to overshare, microwave broccoli in the breakroom, and show you pictures of cats.) But it’s also possible that that sense of freedom is accompanied by anxiety.

And we want to acknowledge that feeling because experiencing anxiety as you enter retirement is more than fair. It’s a massive life change, and like we said before, it’s shaking out differently than most of us envisioned.

But if you were able to set anxiety and logistics aside for a minute, what would your dream retirement look like?

Would you be close to your children? While living independently in your own space? 

Would you spend your days surrounded by nature, your hobbies, and your very favorite things? Would it be quiet? Would it be peaceful? Would it be simple? And would you be able to afford to live this way without sweating about the bills each month?

Guess what? It’s going to be ok. 

In fact, it’s going to be more than ok, and here’s why.

In fact, it’s going to be more than ok, and here’s why.

Tiny homes present a beautiful opportunity to combine your best life with your most efficient one. 

For decades, we’ve been taught that these two things are at odds, but what if they aren’t?!

What if the simple life is actually an abundant choice, and everything we desire is at arm’s reach if only we restructure the details? 

Ways a tiny home can offer efficiency

  • Adult children sometimes move a few times before settling down. With a tiny home, you’ll be able to go along for the journey without having to sell a home or break a rental agreement.
  • Tiny homes encourage conscious downsizing at a younger age. This allows you to have conversations with your children about what items are important to them and you. No one will have to spend precious time together sorting through the “stuff.” 
  • If housing will be your greatest expense in retirement, a tiny home could be the best way to significantly cut down that expense while owning your roof.
  • Tiny home make popular vacation rentals. So if travel is in your plans, a tiny home could be rented out to offset the cost of your adventures!

And here are some ways a tiny home could help you live your most beautiful life!

  • Not everything fits in a tiny house, so you will want to downsize. This will increase the quality of your life because clutter will be a minimum. Your life will become about experiences and not ‘things.’
  • Tiny homes allow you to be close to loved ones while living independently and enjoying your privacy.
  • Mint tiny home owners report that nothing beats the calm, comfort, and cozy-factor of a tiny home!
  • Tiny homes can be moved. So if you decide to follow your children, head to a warmer climate, or live near friends, your house can go with you.
  • Living with less makes your life feel more saturated. Get ready to experience the things you love 10x more.

For decades, we’ve been taught that more is better. So we’ve been running around spending money to add to and maintain our collections of stuff. But this is where the stress comes from. By the time we reach retirement, our collections of things and responsibilities have grown vast and expensive at a time when all we want is space for hobbies and time with the ones we love.

Fortunately, this is the beauty of tiny homes.

Tiny homes are powerful tools for change. They are literally vessels in which life unfolds. And when we occupy smaller spaces, we invite the beauty that comes with lightness, intentionality, and flexibility into our lives.

It’s only coincidental that a tiny house could be your least expensive housing option.

To be honest, it sometimes feels as though we’ve discovered a loophole in The Universe. How could people be at a crisis point in society and still be able to afford a retirement dream home? 

But every day, we connect with people who’ve come to the same conclusion that we have: that a tiny house makes a retirement dream home possible. 

Have you been thinking that a tiny home might be the answer for you? If so, we’d love to hear your story and help you make a plan.  

You can set up a free, no-pressure consultation with a member of our team here.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog, and remember to aim high. You’ve earned it, and we’re here to support your retirement dreams in any way we can.

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