Finding Your Perfect Tiny House Kitchen Vibe

Just because we specialize in tiny homes, doesn’t mean you’re getting any less kitchen.

In fact, our tiny house kitchens are often even more functional (and fabulous!) than kitchens in traditional homes!

How do we know this? Our past clients have said so. 😉

If you’re wondering what makes a Mint tiny house kitchen so special, you’re in the right place.

Today’s tiny home blog post is all about tiny house kitchen design.

Specifically, we’re going to help you explore your perfect tiny house kitchen vibe.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Tiny House Kitchen Design

When designing a tiny house kitchen, it can be tempting to go about it analytically. But while having enough tiny house kitchen storage is important, cooking is a sensual experience that involves touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.

So before we get into the options, let’s do a little experiment.

Close your eyes and picture cooking in your tiny house kitchen.


It’s evening, and your tiny home is aglow with warm light. Spices simmer in a pot as you prepare a stew recipe you know by heart.

A bottle of cabernet sits on the counter next to two glasses, and John Coltrane plays on Spotify.


Does that sound like your dream evening? If so, we have the perfect tiny house kitchen design for you!

Luxury Tiny House Kitchen Design

If you like great food, and the finer things in life, you’ll need a tiny house kitchen that can capture a certain level of luxury. It also sounds like you’re a bit of a chef, so it would be worth going with a slightly larger small kitchen!

Lighting is everything when it comes to luxury, so you’ll want to get the rustic lighting package to create the perfect glow in your tiny house kitchen. Oh, and if you’d like a touch of softness, we’ll install a matte black Moen faucet in your tiny house kitchen sink. They are, in a word: velvety.

The tiny house lifestyle is all about romance. Not a romance with another person, necessarily, but the kind where you dive into the wildest and whimsical version of your life. You are a tiny home dweller.

We’re guessing you cook with turmeric, and if we were also right about the cabernet, we’d suggest going with a darker butcher block countertop to reduce the chance of stains.

As for sauteing shallots, that works best over an open flame, so you’ll want to include a propane stove to complete your luxury tiny house kitchen.

The evening of your dreams can happen in any Mint tiny house, but if this setup sounds particularly like you, you’ll probably want a U-shaped tiny house kitchen. Or an L-shaped kitchen. Really anything that will allow you to dance from countertop to countertop as you prepare Lobster Thermidor.

Simple Tiny House Kitchen Design

Maybe you like lobster well enough, but you’d never cook it in your tiny house kitchen! Totally fair, and good news! There’s a great tiny house kitchen layout for everyone.

For example…

It’s five o’clock and late-afternoon light filters through the kitchen, sending a smattering of polka-dots across the countertops.

Fresh vegetables glisten after having been rinsed in the sink, and a heavy, handcrafted water glass sits on the countertop with sparkling water and a simple lime.

No music, just silence punctuated by kids playing in the distance.

The simple life is all you ever wanted. And you can have it– just as soon as we design your tiny house kitchen.


Tiny house kitchen design starts with your vision, and for you, the simpler the better.

If simplicity is the goal, you may want to consider L-shaped or galley-style kitchens. After all, you value a clean look and have no desire to cook five-course meals.

We’ll also include a white farmhouse sink, which is the definition of simplicity and a perfect example of the charm Mint Tiny House Company is known for.

Light-colored butcher block countertops will bring brightness to your simple tiny home kitchen, and the clean lines of a subway tile backsplash will make your kitchen feel orderly.

You won’t want to mess with propane in your simple tiny house kitchen, so don’t. A smooth glass cooktop will be easy to use, and easy to clean making it the perfect choice for a simple tiny house kitchen.

There is one simple tiny house kitchen design element we’ll have to leave up to you, though, and that’s the dishwasher decision.

If your vision of simplicity involves the ritual of washing dishes by hand, have at it. On the other hand, if your simple tiny house kitchen needs a simple method of washing dishes, we’ll be sure to include a dishwasher!

Tiny House Kitchen Design for Airbnb

If you are planning a tiny house short-term rental, you’ll want to look at tiny house kitchen design from a different perspective.

So let’s try that visualization exercise again…

You’ve staged the finishing touches on your new tiny house Airbnb, and it’s perfect! Especially the kitchen.

There is plenty of space, and the kitchen appliances make sense for short-term guests. You’ve also already done your homework, so you know it will be easy to clean, manage and maintain.

Ahhh. Isn’t passive income great?


A mini-fridge saves space, and an electric cooktop means you’ll never get calls from guests who’ve run out of propane in the night.

Dark countertops mitigate stains from heavy use, and open shelving to will show off aesthetically pleasing dishes.

As a tiny house investor, you know that cleaning an oven after a careless guess uses it could easily take money away from your bottom line. That’s why you don’t have an oven in your tiny house Airbnb!

Finally, tiny house turnover must be done quickly. So let’s get you a dishwasher for your tiny house kitchen. Trust us, we’ve done this before!

The Best Tiny House Kitchen Design

Honestly? The best tiny house kitchen design is the one that’s right for you!

Choosing a tiny home layout, and designing your perfect tiny home kitchen is so much easier when you have support.

That’s why at Mint, we have a dedicated team of tiny house design experts standing by to help you evaluate your tiny home kitchen decisions. Just use the link below to book your free consultation.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog; we can’t wait to meet you!

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