Five (Surprising!) Ways a Mint Tiny Home Will Transform Your Life

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, people come to us with all kinds of reasons for wanting to buy a tiny home. Some people want to lower their carbon footprint, others want a life based on experiences rather than things, and some seek to retire in style. There truly is no wrong reason for wanting to buy one!

But while our customers come up with a million good reasons for bringing a tiny house into their lives, some tiny home benefits may only occur to you if you’ve lived in one.

Are you curious about what secret benefits a Mint tiny house might offer? If so, just keep reading because we’re about to share five surprising ways a Mint tiny home will transform your life!

1. A tiny house will improve your relationships.

If you’ve never lived in a tiny house, this one might come as a surprise, but it’s totally true! A tiny house is a magical device that brings people closer together.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t conflict (in fact, there probably will be some at first!). But unlike in a traditional home, you won’t have the option to ignore the problem. Small spaces require people to face issues head-on and work intentionally toward a resolution. So whether you’re hoping to become closer to your kids, your spouse, or you cat, your tiny house can help you get there.

And guess what else? 

This can happen in two ways.

First, your tiny house will help you decide who is worthy of your energy. Here’s the thing; tiny houses create concentrated energy fields. This will make you less likely to invite that critical cousin or toxic “friend” over to your living space. So if you were looking for a higher-vibe circle, a tiny house is a useful sorting tool! 

Second, a tiny home will help you improve your relationship with yourself. This is because small spaces require you to be intentional with the things you own. 

And guess what happens when you surround yourself with your very favorite things? Yup! Total self-love. Your tiny house will be living proof that past-you cared about present-you! Go you!

2. A tiny house will reduce your consumer habits.

There is plenty of space in traditional homes… and so we fill them with stuff!

In a tiny home, however, it pays to be intentional with what we buy. This one may take a bit of practice to get right, but after a few months, you’ll be a pro at saying yes to what brings you joy and leaving the rest behind.

If you have struggled with clutter in the past, you are not alone. But if that is something you’ve been meaning to change, a tiny house will help keep you honest. 

Tiny homes quickly teach tiny home dwellers to purchase fewer things, create less waste, spend less money, and keep a tidier space. 

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

3. A tiny house will give you the lightness of locational freedom.

Our team at Mint finds that people- especially people who’ve been through tough times- often underestimate how impactful this tiny home benefit will be.

You probably know how stuck a person can feel if you’ve ever had a sick parent in another state or felt trapped in a relationship that wasn’t serving you. After all, it’s not so easy to pack up a traditional home, sell a piece of real estate, or get out of a luxury apartment lease. 

But this is another reason why tiny homes are the best. All it takes is a pickup truck to move your home wherever life takes you next! 

Mint tiny home owners report that this feeling of lightness allows them to move more confidently through life. And all because they have the flexibility to leave bad situations or say yes to fresh opportunities!  

4. A tiny house will inspire you to become more self-sufficient.

Are you considering the journey of homeownership as a single person? Because if so, we’ll just leave this high-five here:

Not only will you be taking life into your own hands, but you will become even more self-sufficient along the way. We’ve seen pictures of Mint owners driving their tiny homes across the country, raising children under roofs they own, and otherwise stepping into their power on a whole new level.

Seriously, you all are incredible. 

If you are a single person who owns a Mint tiny house, please tag us in your Instagram posts, so we can celebrate with you! 

And if you haven’t gone tiny yet, we’ll leave a link to our gallery here.

You have always been strong and capable, but a tiny house will take your self-sufficiency to the next level! 

5. A tiny house will help you feel not alone in this world.

OK, this one surprised even us, but it’s true.

Mint tiny home owners report feeling cared for by their houses.

This sounds strange, given that a house is an object and not a living thing, but we have a feeling that once you go tiny, you’ll experience a similar feeling.

We’ve heard that a tiny home’s size helps Mint owners feel cozy and held. We’ve also heard that their tiny home’s financial stability flooded them with a sense of well-being. 

And if you’ve struggled with boundaries (or with people who don’t seem to have them!), a tiny house will gently provide boundaries where before there were none. 

So if you’ve been feeling alone, it might be time to partner with a very small house. Everyone deserves to have support.

That concludes our list of Five Ways a Mint Tiny House Will Transform Your Life! Did anything on this list surprise you? 

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we want to give you the tools to take your life to the limit. 

If you want to learn more about tiny homes, please consider subscribing to this tiny house blog! And if you’re ready to take more action, you can set up a totally free and totally no-pressure consultation. 

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