Five Ways Tiny Homes Help Women Feel Safe

It’s still early in the tiny home movement for solid statistics. Still, this much is clear: more people flock to the tiny house lifestyle every day. It seems the whole world is ready for a life that is sustainable, manageable, and fun. And while all types of people buy tiny houses for all kinds of reasons, one can’t help but notice how many women are buying tiny homes!

Tiny homes offer many benefits, but for women living alone, one of the most-cited benefits is an increased sense of safety.

So if you are a woman considering a tiny home, we’re glad you checked out our tiny house blog. Stick with us because we’re about to share all the ways tiny homes are uniquely positioned to help women feel safe.

Tiny houses provide a sense of safety because…

#1 - There's nowhere for a burglar to hide in a tiny house.

According to the Census Bureau, 166.6 million women were living alone in the United States as of 2019! And while we wish it wasn’t the case, that brings up safety concerns for many of us. Because what woman hasn’t slept alone in a house and wondered if there could be an intruder in another room?

But this is where tiny home owners gain an interesting benefit.

When you live in a tiny house, you can see the whole house at once. You don’t have to wonder if there is an intruder downstairs because there’s nowhere for anyone to hide!

Mint tiny homes have plenty of tiny house storage options, but burglar-hiding space is severely limited. 

Is that dark? Sure. But here at Mint, we’ve had past clients tell us that the simple ability to survey their entire surroundings helps them feel more comfortable living alone. And we’ll take that!

#2 - Tiny houses help people leave old relationships.

Here at Mint, we wish you a long and happy love life. Unfortunately, the love story doesn’t always go as planned, does it?

And when romance does go off the rails, it can be tricky to extract yourself from the situation. Apartment leases can be tough to break, rent can be hard to pay with one income, and if you are the person who stays put, well, now your ex knows where you live.

Fortunately, it’s a tiny house to the rescue once again! 

Tiny house land leases usually have more flexibility than all-inclusive apartment versions. And since your tiny home lifestyle will naturally change your consumer habits, you’ll probably have more money in the bank should a breakup occur. 

Oh, and we hope your ex is cool, but if they’re not, you can literally move your house. 

#3 - Tiny houses offer safety in the form of financial stability.

It’s well-documented that money and financial instability are major sources of stress! (And that women suffer from financial instability more often due to wage inequality and the childcare roles they take on!)

But here is good news.

When you buy a tiny house, you gain control of your biggest expense.

You could skip lattes all day long, but what kind of life would that be? Not a fun one. And if you think about it, the latte-method isn’t an efficient strategy to gain financial ground. After all, it would take a lot of lattes to counterbalance the expense of renting an apartment!

Tiny houses can provide a less expensive housing option, but the house itself isn’t the only way tiny houses are helping women save money! 

  1. How much do utilities cost in a tiny home?
  2. Well, that’s going to be individual to you, but a whole heck of a lot less than if you were living in a traditional house! 

And lastly, we must bring up consumer habits again. Tiny houses help women save money by reshaping them. Guess whose Amazon shopping bill is about to go wayyyyy down when you move into a Mint tiny house? 😉

Tiny House > Money > Financial Stability > Choices > Freedom > Safety.

How’s that for a flow chart?!

# 4 - Women who live in tiny houses have options.

A woman’s sense of safety is made up of many elements, but a huge piece of it is this: 

Women feel safe when they have options.

One of the best benefits of living in a Mint tiny house is that you will be able to take your house wherever life takes you.

Let’s say you get offered a dream job that would double your salary. YES! Get after it, lady! We’re high-fiving you all the way. And for tiny home owners, saying yes to an incredible opportunity is as simple as finding tiny house transportation. You won’t even have to pack. 

Your tiny house will be there for you in good times and bad, in sickness and in health…

Women are tough, but a little support is always nice, so just know that your Mint tiny house will be looking out for you in more ways than one! For example, if you or a loved one should become ill or need care, your home will allow you to move near family or other supportive resources. 

But whether your concerns are practical (illness) or fun (a desire to live near horses!) you can rest easy knowing your tiny house will allow for options!

#5 - Tiny homes inspire self-sufficiency.

Here at Mint, we love seeing women step into new versions of themselves after going tiny. 

 The tiny house glow-up is real!!

We’ve seen single women tackle motherhood, buy power tools, earn new skills, become debt free, and do all kinds of amazing things! And more than once, our female clients have shared with us that it was their tiny homes that gave them the confidence to tackle their dreams and take on new skills.

Of course, these women were always capable! But we are thrilled that our tiny houses offer so much inspiration!

You + Tiny House = Limitless

If YOU are a woman considering a tiny home, we are so psyched you’re here!

If you still need to choose your favorite tiny house floor plan, here is a link to our tiny house models. And when you’ve narrowed down the best tiny house designs for you, fill out our discovery form to jumpstart your dream tiny house living.

Your tiny house pod-of-safety could be closer than you think!

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