How to Choose the Best Tiny House Layout Once and for All

2024 is upon us! Is this the year you buy a tiny house?!

If buying a tiny home is something you’ve been considering, it might be time to join the tiny home movement. But first, you’ll have some important small-space living decisions to make.

The main one? Choosing the best tiny home layout.

Selecting the right tiny house layout will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the tiny house lifestyle.

Not sure how to choose the best tiny house floor plan? No worries; that’s why we’re here!

Today, we’ll be breaking down all the elements involved in evaluating a tiny home layout.

Are you ready to choose the best tiny home floor plan for your unique needs?

Mint Tiny House Layouts

At Mint, you have many choices when it comes to tiny home layouts.

We offer tiny house RVs, park model tiny homes, tiny homes with loft bedrooms, tiny homes with downstairs bedrooms, tiny houses for full-time living, tiny homes for seasonal living, and houses specifically designed to be the ultimate tiny home vacation rental.

So how do you choose the best tiny home layout for you?

Here is a list of questions to help you narrow down the decision.



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Tiny House Airbnb or Full-Time Home?

Before you get too caught up choosing tiny house kitchen appliances, it’s best to zoom out and look at the big picture.

How will you use your Mint tiny house?

Some people plan to use a tiny house as an Airbnb or vacation rental, while others make a Mint tiny house their full-time home.

Do you plan to use your tiny house in different ways? That’s actually pretty common too. If that’s the case, we recommend making tiny home floor plan decisions based on the primary use.

Once you know how you’ll be using your tiny house, you’ll be able to answer the next question: How many people need to fit in your tiny home?

How Many People Need to Fit in Your Tiny Home?

Even the most spacious tiny house can’t save you if you choose a tiny house floor plan that fails to account for everyone who will live in it.

Specifically, you’ll want to consider privacy, work areas, recreation areas, rest areas, and the number of beds you’ll need to help you determine the best tiny home layout for you.

And speaking of beds, is the best tiny home layout one with a loft bedroom? Or would a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom serve you better?

Tiny House With a Downstairs Bedroom or Loft Bedroom?

Bedroom style is one of the biggest decisions you’ll face when choosing the best tiny house layout.

Tiny houses with loft bedrooms allow you to save space and enjoy a “tree house” feel, but they will require dexterity. So if mobility is a concern, the best tiny house layout could be a floor plan that includes a downstairs bedroom.

Can’t decide? Need both?

Fortunately, many of our Mint tiny home layouts offer both a loft and a downstairs bedroom.

So we’ve got you covered!

Tiny House RV or Park Model Tiny Home?

Aside from building standards, width is the main difference between a tiny house RV and park model tiny home. Park model tiny homes are wider.

Our USA park model tiny home floor plans are ten feet wide, whereas our Canadian park model tiny home layouts can be ten or twelve feet wide. And our tiny house RV floor plans are eight-and-a-half feet wide regardless of country.

At eight-and-a-half feet wide, a tiny house RV is considered “road legal,” meaning you won’t have to get special permits to tow one. So if you plan to be on the road often, a tiny house RV could be your best bet when choosing a tiny home floor plan.

That being said, don’t overthink this one.

“Wide load” permits are not terribly expensive, and you’ll have the extra space forever.

So just choose the tiny house layout that feels wide enough for you.

Oh, and one other thing to consider regarding the size of a tiny home floor plan…

Tiny House With a Downstairs Bedroom or Loft Bedroom?

Improper waste disposal can create hazardous conditions, so let’s talk about how to dispose of waste in an off-grid tiny house.

Toilets for Off-Grid Tiny Homes

There are many types of toilets for off-grid tiny homes. There are incinerating toilets, composting toilets, and waterless toilets for tiny houses that dehydrate waste so it can be composted later at proper facilities.

When you meet with our tiny home design team, we’ll help you weigh your tiny house toilet options. Just know we won’t rest until we find the best tiny house toilet for off-grid living that suits your needs!

Greywater Disposal for Off-Grid Tiny Homes

Even if your tiny home won’t produce blackwater (sewage), you’ll still need greywater disposal.

If your county allows, you may be able to build a greywater disposal system on your tiny house land. That being said, do plenty of research before embarking on that adventure!

Another option is to use a greywater holding tank. Greywater holding tanks for off-grid tiny homes will need to be emptied, so if you go this route, be sure to look into pumping services.

How Big is Your Tiny House Parking Space?

When it comes to tiny house parking, you’ll be bound by the realities of space. So consider the length and width of any tiny home layout.

You may find that tiny home parking constraints will make the decision between a tiny home RV and a park model tiny home for you.

Remember, you’ll also need a truck and space to maneuver a tiny house into its parking place. So also consider these things when choosing the best tiny house floor plan.

(If it comes down to it though, yes, you can use a crane to move a tiny home!)

Which Tiny House Layout is Best for You?

Want to know which tiny house layout is best for you? Ask yourself this:

Which tiny home floor plan sparks joy?

As you browse our gallery, chances are, you’ll feel drawn to certain tiny home floor plans over others, and it’s a good idea to listen to this intuitive hit.

There is probably a reason your subconscious is drawing you to a particular tiny home layout, and if you can articulate why, it will help reinforce your decision.

At Mint Tiny House Company, we understand that this is easier said than done. So feel free to lean on our team to help you choose the best tiny home layout!

Will you choose a tiny home RV or a park model tiny house?

Would a loft suit you or would a tiny house with a main floor bedroom be best?

And how tiny is too tiny?

Again, we’ve got you. Just use the link below to schedule your free tiny home consultation.

This is 2024, after all. Isn’t this the year of making moves?

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog! We can’t wait to meet you!

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