In Uncertain Times, Nothing Offers Support Like a Mint Tiny Home!

The pandemic might be losing steam, but life’s still a bit uncertain for most of us. Of course, we want to be bold and move forward with our plans to buy a tiny home, but we also want to be smart. And maybe now isn’t the time to make any sudden moves…

Does this sound like a conversation that’s been playing in your head lately? 

If you’ve been experiencing some tiny home hesitation, we’re right there with you! After all, we have to make tiny home decisions every day that involve choosing to play it safe or forge ahead with our tiny home company! 

But you know what? Every time we wonder if we should be more cautious, we remember one key thing:

When would-be tiny home owners think about buying a tiny house from a tiny home builder, most weigh concerns like:
  • What if the size of my family increases after I buy a tiny house?
  • What if it’s better to wait for tiny home interest rates to go down? 
  • What if my aging parents need me, and I have to move in with them?
  • What if I buy a tiny house and then am laid off from my job?

These concerns are absolutely valid- deciding to buy a tiny house is a big deal! But while it’s good to consider the various ways your life could shift, it might bring you peace to also consider how a tiny home could help you cope with whatever changes lie ahead.

Let’s look at some specifics!

What if the size of your family increases
after you buy a tiny house?

Maybe you put down a deposit on our Loft Edition tiny house, only to meet the love of your life and realize that you will need to fit two sets of clothes into your tiny home closet! It happens!

But if it does, what better way to test a new relationship than to see how your new sweetheart aligns with your tiny home values? If a tiny house lifestyle would serve you, wouldn’t it serve your relationship too?

Are you concerned that you will put down your deposit and then find out you’re having a baby? Yup, other new tiny homeowners have experienced that one too! And while a new home and a new baby at the same time is enough to throw anyone for a loop, what better structure to begin parenthood in than a tiny home? Your baby will bathe in the sink, you won’t have nearly as much to clean, and your tiny house kitchen and bathroom will be right nearby.

What if it's better to wait until
tiny house interest rates go down?

The interest rates on tiny home loans have increased a bit, but they are still nowhere near some of the outrageous rates the mortgage industry has seen over the years. While you may be looking at interest rates right now and thinking that you will wait until they come down, you could be waiting a long time. Just remember, in the 1980s interest rates hit 18%! The only reason that rates seem high right now is because we have just come out of a period of abnormally low interest rates, so they seem high today, but are they really? 

When interest rates are low, there is typically only one direction that they can go, up! Maybe the current rates are more comforting than we think. And while you could wait to take out a tiny home loan- you could be waiting a while! 

If the goal is to get out of renting an apartment, you’ll want to factor the cost of renting against what the extra interest will cost you. Even with the additional interest, buying a tiny home can still be a sound decision!

Do you know how interest rates can have a major impact on your purchasing power when you’re on the hunt for a new home? It’s like a game of musical chairs – the rules keep changing and you have to be quick on your feet!

Let me give you an example. About a year ago, someone might have been able to easily snag a sweet townhouse or condo with a single-income mortgage. But today, with interest rates having shifted, their purchasing power might not be as strong. The good news? They could still qualify for a cozy little abode like a tiny house.

The key is to stay informed and be adaptable when it comes to the housing market. It’s all about understanding how the market works and making the best decisions for your budget and lifestyle.

What if my aging parents need me,
and I have to move in with them?

First, it’s very thoughtful that you are considering your parents’ needs.

And secondly, if your parents do need you, is there any better friend in that situation than a tiny house??!

The beauty of a tiny house on wheels is that it moves. So if you need to move too, you can just take your tiny house with you!

Tiny houses make great caregiving units. They allow you to be nearby while maintaining your privacy, and giving your parents autonomy! 

And if your parents have land, they could even return the favor by offering you tiny house parking!

Are you the parent in this scenario? If you’re the one who might need support down the road, a tiny house can work equally well if the situation is reversed. You will have peace of mind knowing you are buying a house that won’t disrupt your kids’ plans. You will be able to move your tiny home to be near them, your doctor, or warmer weather. Whatever you need, your tiny house will have your back!

What if I buy a tiny house, and then I'm laid off from my job?

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen; but while it’s important to stay positive, it’s also a good idea to make choices that give us options. And guess what? Partnering with a tiny home builder to build a movable tiny house could once again be the most stabilizing choice.

Let’s say you stuck with a more traditional type of housing and then lost your job.

If that happened, you might be stuck in an apartment lease or be “underwater” with your traditional home mortgage. (That means owing more on the home than it’s currently worth.)

Plus, in housing situations that keep you more tethered, your job options will be limited to the employment you can find nearby. But if you live in a tiny home…

Yup! Once again, a tiny home gives you the flexibility to roll with the punches.

Our team here at Mint likes to think we’re pretty smart- but a big part of being smart is remaining humble. We don’t have a crystal ball, and we don’t know the specifics of your situation. 

All we know is that people use our tiny homes as caregiver units, escape pods, and Airbnbs to earn extra income. 

And in times when the future feels uncertain, is there anything better than owning your roof, having locational flexibility, shaving years off a mortgage, and knowing you can be there for or with loved ones? 

Mint owners have told us that their house feels like a cozy sanctuary, a nurturing shroud, and the reason it will all be OK. 


So if that sounds good to you, it’s time to book a consultation. Then we can talk about which tiny home layout might suit you best and help you take the next steps. 

Thanks for reading, and we’d love for you to subscribe to our new tiny house blog before you go.. 

We hope to meet you soon! 

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