Is a Tiny House a Good Investment?
And Other Tiny House Worries

If you are reading this tiny house blog, you’re probably contemplating the following decision: should you buy a tiny house?

The idea of a tiny house is exhilarating! Tiny houses are so cute, and owning a tiny house could be an incredible opportunity to take life to the limit while living in alignment with your values. 

But while buying a tiny house is an exciting prospect, you probably have some (very natural) doubts. 

Being in charge of one’s own destiny is a double-edged sword, isn’t it? On the one hand, we love control (woo!), but on the other, we feel the weight that comes with being responsible for our future happiness and stability. And this weight can lead us straight into a fear spiral.

Will the tiny house lifestyle really provide all we’re searching for? 

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we are all about giving you support at every stage, always, and forever. In fact, if you are even thinking about joining the growing tiny house movement, we hope you will subscribe to this tiny house blog because our support comes in spades!

So with that, let’s talk through your tiny house fears one by one so you can put them behind you. After all, your life in a tiny house is waiting!

#1 You're worried about finances.
Is a tiny house a good investment?

Do you want to buy a tiny house but can’t stop wondering if a tiny house is a good investment? 

If that’s a concern you have, let’s break this apart together. We’ll begin by defining what a good investment looks like to you.

Is a good investment one that brings you joy? Or is it something that saves or makes you money? Because a tiny house could meet any or all of the criteria listed above.

If you live in an expensive area, a tiny house could definitely be a less expensive housing option. And if your alternative is renting an apartment, you could save money by owning your roof even if you are still paying rent for a tiny house parking space.

It’s true that tiny homes— like cars— depreciate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose money. In fact, if you use your tiny house as a vacation rental (even part-time!), it could be an income-producing asset that will serve you and your family for decades to come! 

So yes, tiny houses depreciate. And yes, they can be good investments. Both things are true. 

#2 - You become doubtful when friends and family aren't on board with your tiny house plans.

Even the idea of living a tiny house lifestyle brings you so much energy! So it can feel anything from bewildering to crushing when your friends and family aren’t excited about your plans to buy a tiny home. 

If this is your situation, let us comfort you by telling you that, yup, we’ve seen that happen before. (Actually, we’ve seen it a lot.) And we understand their concerns.

Tiny homes are relatively new structures, and the tiny house lifestyle can feel radical to people who were raised to believe that massive homes and large amounts of debt were “normal.” Anything new can feel threatening, even if that new thing is great, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring new frontiers in your life.

Your friends and family might be nervous that you want to live on a smaller scale, but we have a feeling when they see you enjoying the abundance tiny houses offer, they’ll change their tune.

How do we know? We’ve seen that a lot too. 😉

#3 You're afraid it will be hard to find tiny house parking.

Finding the perfect spot to park your tiny house will take effort, but people find it every day.

It’s important to research your tiny house parking options before you buy a tiny house but don’t let the fear of not finding tiny home parking stop you from fulfilling your tiny home dreams. 

Remember, you’ll have to start paying for your parking spot once you find it. So while we recommend thoroughly understanding your tiny house parking options, it’s best to wait to nail one down until your tiny house build is in progress. 

The one exception to this rule comes with buying land. If you want to buy land and park a tiny house on it, you should figure that part out first. And be sure to work with a qualified real estate agent who understands tiny houses to help you get the job done right!

#4 You're worried you won't like living in a tiny house.

You know what? What if you don’t? 

What if you buy a tiny house and move in only to discover that you hate living tiny? It almost never happens, but even if it did, that scenario is not as bad as the one where you live with regrets. 

Sure, buying a tiny house is a risk, but even getting out of bed is a risk, right? And since you’re here for such a short time, why not make your life one to remember? If you are still here to read this tiny house blog, it’s not too late to live the spontaneous, adventurous, and abundant life you always imagined.

And do you want to know the best part? You’re only a few steps away!

So what are the next steps of a tiny home journey? We promised you support in spades, so we’ll make it easy for you!

That’s all for now, but thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next week!

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