Is a Traveling Tiny House the Affordable Retirement Home of Your Dreams?

If the terms retirement home or senior center make you feel stationary or stuck, you’ve come to the right place.

At Mint Tiny House Company, we’re rethinking senior housing.

Yes, we build housing for seniors, and sure, many of our clients buy tiny houses for retirement, HOWEVER, we refuse to participate in any type of housing that makes people feel stuck.

You deserve senior housing that offers a flexible retirement option (that’s also fabulous!) so you can pivot as you need to.

Our team at Mint is excited about your next chapter, and we’d like to get you a tiny house retirement dream home to go with it!

If that sounds good, just keep reading. We’re about to show you all the ways a travelling tiny house on wheels can give you options and leave that senior center in the dust.

The Tiny House Lifestyle for Seniors

The tiny house lifestyle is all about building a highly curated life. Your retirement is about you, so what do you picture for your next chapter?

Living in a tiny house will likely require downsizing, but don’t mistake tiny home downsizing for slowing down.

Downsizing, minimalism, and the tiny house lifestyle are all about intentional living. So really, the decision to buy a tiny house for retirement is about living this chapter of your life exactly as you see fit.

Whatever your plans, our tiny house RVs or park model tiny homes on wheels are about to give you the gift of retirement housing flexibility.

Ready to see where a tiny house and the open road could take you?

Benefits of Retiring in a Tiny Home

Tiny Home Travel

Are you a senior who fluctuates between wanting to “get out there” and staying home where it’s familiar?

If so, we have good news.

If you can’t decide between an adventurous retirement and a cozy one, you no longer have to.

Tiny homes on wheels are an affordable, flexible senior housing option that won’t require you to make a choice. How is this possible?

It’s possible because tiny houses allow you to change location while still being at home. So you can move to Florida for a year to see if you like it. And if you don’t, just pack up your tiny home and hit the road again!

Do you have fantasies of slow traveling? (Moving somewhere for a few months or years at a time?)

If so, a tiny house could be the perfect affordable senior housing option that allows you to travel at a comfortable pace, and without paying for expensive hotels.

Affordable Housing and Healthcare for Seniors

You know what’s expensive? Flying to another state to see a doctor.

Plane tickets, hotels, and paying for the dog sitter at home, adds up quickly. Fortunately, Mint tiny homes provide a new opportunity to rewrite this unfortunately common scenario.

With a tiny house, you and your spouse can temporarily or permanently relocate to wherever you’ll get the best healthcare and caregiving support.

Better yet, everyone will be able to have some semblance of normalcy during that period.

So forget hospitals, extended-stay hotel chains, or other impersonal temporary housing options that reek of chemicals.

A tiny home can allow you to receive the best possible care while being at home. Oh, and your spouse and dog will be there too!

Retirement Flexibility for Seniors

If you are a senior, chances are, you’ve seen some real estate booms and recessions.

And real estate recessions can be tough, especially on seniors.

Seniors who live in tiny homes, however, are expected to be less affected by real estate recessions.

Think of it this way.

If you live in a traditional home and need to move during a recession, you may have to sell your house in a down market and not realize the full monetary potential you might see during a real estate boom.

With a tiny home, though, you don’t have to sell at all. Simply strap down your tiny home
appliances, hitch your tiny house up to a truck, and away you go!

Tiny Homes for Grandparents

Are you a grandparent, by chance? Or do you think you might become a grandparent soon?

If you have grandchildren or they’re on the horizon, consider this: a tiny home is an affordable housing option that will allow you to live near your grandchildren and their chubby cheeks!

Are your kids nervous about having you live nearby? Are you nervous about living so close to your kids? Family dynamics can be tricky, so we get it.

Luckily, though, a tiny home can save the day again by giving you the flexibility to move your house.

So go on, try living near your kids for a year, and see how you feel.

Once the babies are out of diapers or you’ve had enough, you can pack up your affordable retirement dream home and head off to your next destination!

Tiny Homes for Parents

Are you ready for a twist?

If you have grandchildren on the way, how about buying a tiny home so they can come live near you.

Many new parents would benefit from a low-maintenance, affordable starter home that’s easy to clean. And that’s exactly what a tiny home is!

So if you are happy as a clam in your traditional house, but want to see those grandbabies grow up, just pitch the idea of the tiny house lifestyle to your kids.

Pro Tip: pictures are worth a thousand words, so send your kids to our Instagram!

Is It a Good Idea to Retire in a Tiny House?

If any of the benefits we listed sound intriguing, you’ll definitely want to learn more about the tiny home lifestyle!

Tiny homes are a new frontier when it comes to affordable housing for retirement, and this time, it’s not stagnant or boring!

If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at our gallery to see which tiny home designs and tiny home floor plans speak to you.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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