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Finding Land is essential in order to get a tiny house– but where do you get started?

Let’s face it: Getting the ball in action when it comes to your tiny house journey, can be daunting. There are a lot of things to get lined up, before you can jump into buying a tiny house. Not knowing where or how to start can be incredibly debilitating, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Without knowing where to start, its easy to automatically assume that a tiny house may not be the right fit for you. We are here to tell you this is NOT the case!! Action is all that you need in order to make this happen. 

In order to help you take the first step towards going tiny, we have put together a few essential ad templates you need for finding land. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

With these templates, you’ll never have to start your land search ads from scratch. Just fill out the form to grab your templates, and go put some publish-worthy words down!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Land

A tiny house by definition, is a traditional style house (using 2×4 wood construction) that is manufactured directly onto a trailer chassis. It is manufactured to remain permanently on the trailer. It is for this reason, that it does not qualify as a permanent structure on land, and it is certified to RV or Park model standards. Due to the fact that a tiny house is not a permanent structure, it does not qualify for most local building codes, and thus does also not require building permits. A Tiny House, certified as an RV or Park model, can be parked anywhere that will allow a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to be parked.

It is important to consider that every township has its own zoning bylaws for each area, so although we can guide you through the process of finding land, you still will need to look at your local area in detail and discern if that area is a good fit for your tiny house, and yourself. It is also up to you to ensure that you are happy to comply with the local bylaws. We do not take any responsibility for clients purchasing or renting land on areas that are not permitted. 

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