Revealing Our Best Tiny House Design Hacks, and Small-Space Storage Secrets

There is an art to tiny home design, and here at Mint Tiny House Company, we’ve been perfecting our tiny home designs for almost a decade to help you make the most of your tiny house lifestyle!

Along the way, we’ve also learned storage hacks and discovered small-space furniture options that will save space and complement your tiny home floor plan.

In fact, the functional design of your Mint tiny home might very well have better flow and more storage than any house you’ve lived in yet!

Are you ready to learn our tiny home design hacks and small-space storage secrets?

Tiny Home Stairs

If you have a tiny house with a loft bedroom, you’ll need a way to get to it. And while there is a time and a place for a ladder, tiny house stairs provide an excellent opportunity for built-in tiny home storage.

Tiny house storage stairs can be configured in many ways, but our signature tiny home stair design involves angling the first few stairs to save space and bring visual interest to your tiny home floor plan.

And this unique tiny house stair design will give you a ton of storage!

Here are some storage spaces you’ll find in our tiny house stairs:

  • A tiny house closet
  • A tiny house utility closet
  • A safe place for your tiny house water heater
  • “Flip-up” stairs for secret tiny house storage
  • A large compartment conveniently sized for a cat’s litter box (And if that’s how you’ll be using it, let us know so we can make you a “kitty door!”)

Tiny Home Kitchen Design Hacks

Your Tiny House Refrigerator

Many tiny home builders build a cabinet above the refrigerator. We do not. Here’s why:

Our team at Mint wants to give you more than just a lot of kitchen storage in your tiny home design. We want your tiny house floor plan to be filled with the right kind of storage. This means we prioritize tiny house kitchen storage that is:

  • Easily accessible
  • Can fit items of many shapes and sizes
  • Is cost-effective

Skipping a cabinet will keep tiny home building costs down. And without the confines of cabinetry, you’ll have more flexibility to store strangely-shaped or bulky items, while keeping them easily accessible.

Don’t want to look at whatever you plan to store above your tiny house refrigerator? Not a
problem. A simple basket will offer hidden storage at a fraction of the cost!

How’s that for smart tiny home design?

Your Tiny House Sink

This tiny house design hack is hiding in plain sight, but many people don’t think about it when browsing the tiny house floor plans in our gallery!

Ready to hear another one of our tiny house kitchen design secrets?

We always put at least 12” of space to the right of our sinks. This is because you’ll need a place for dishes to dry.

And if you’re right-handed, it will make sense for you to move left to right.

It seems like a small detail, but if you look at enough tiny home kitchen designs, you’ll realize how many small kitchens fail to provide this much-needed space.

The tiny house lifestyle might have you living in fewer square feet, but we strive to have our tiny house floor plans offer more functionality than any other tiny home designs on the market!

Tiny Home Living Room Design Hacks

Tiny Home Floating Shelves

While we do use cabinets in our tiny home designs, we also love a good floating shelf!

Floating shelves and tiny homes pair well for many reasons.

  • Floating shelves add a unique tiny house design element
  • Floating shelves provide tiny house storage that is easy to access
  • Floating shelves make use of vertical space
  • Floating shelves can be placed anywhere

That last one is important! You might think floating shelves are just for tiny house kitchens and bathrooms, but actually, floating shelves can be placed anywhere that serves your tiny home floor plan.

Our team of tiny house builders will often place floating shelves near windows for plants, up high on walls to display knicknacks, or near couches for use as bookshelves.

Because who doesn’t need a tiny house library?!

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Tiny Home Bathroom Design Hacks

Corner Showers for Tiny Home Bathrooms

At Mint Tiny House company, we use many types of tiny house showers. But if saving space in your tiny house bathroom is priority number one, a corner shower is one of our best tiny home bathroom design secrets.

Because the walls of a corner shower are flush with the bathroom walls, corner showers give the illusion of more space in your tiny house bathroom.

The corner showers we use also come with rounded, sliding doors, which means you won’t have a swinging shower door compromising precious space in your small bathroom.

Medicine Cabinets for Tiny Home Bathrooms

Building storage into any small bathroom can be tricky, but a tiny house bathroom provides a particular challenge!

That’s why one of our favorite tiny house storage hacks is to use a mirrored medicine cabinet instead of a traditional bathroom mirror. Medicine cabinets make use of vertical storage, and ones with flat tops provide valuable surface area to set things like plants!

Tiny House Hacks: Tiny Home Storage Ideas

We do our best to design tiny home floor plans that use every inch of space. Even so, you will likely want to purchase tiny house furniture pieces or small space storage items to meet specific needs.

Here are a few options to consider when designing a tiny home!

Tiny House Storage Furniture

The best tiny house furniture pieces are ones that include plenty of storage. Pieces like these go a long way in a tiny home:

  • Storage Couches
  • Storage Ottomans
  • Bathroom Carts
  • Bar Carts

And here are a few other tiny house storage ideas to consider.

Tiny House Storage Ideas

  • Anything magnetic
  • Anything that hangs on a door (like a full-length mirror!)
  • Anything collapsible
  • Anything that serves more than one purpose
  • Baskets (because they hide clutter!)

Honestly, when it comes to saving space with tiny home designs, our ideas are endless. And since pictures are worth a thousand words, we’ll just leave a link to our gallery of tiny home floor plans here.

Are you ready to take action on your tiny home plans?

Excellent! (We were hoping you’d say so!)

In that case, just use the link below to book your free tiny home consultation.

Thanks for joining us here on the blog, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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