Tiny Home Minimalism: Do You Have to Be a Minimalist to Live in a Tiny House? (No, but Here’s Why You Might Want to Be!)

You know buying a tiny house could lead to downsizing your possessions, but does that mean you have to be a minimalist to enjoy the tiny home lifestyle?

We’ll get into it in just a minute, but the bottom line is that minimalism offers a ton of benefits, so it’s worth learning more even if you only plan to be minimal-ish.

So grab your favorite mug with your favorite warm beverage of choice, and settle in. Let’s talk minimalism and tiny homes!

What is Minimalism?

If you Google the definition of minimalism, you’ll see a lot of references to art, design, and music. What you won’t see (yet) is the more modern definition of the word minimalism: owning few things.

This newer definition of minimalism was brought about thanks to things like the 2015 documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, and the advent of the Marie Kondo method.

The new definition of minimalism calls for us to examine our consumer patterns, define what we value, and consistently ask the now-famous question: does this spark joy?

Do You Have to be a Minimalist to Live in a Tiny Home?

If you’re sweating bullets just reading that heading, don’t worry. The answer is no, you don’t have to be a minimalist to live in a tiny home. Not an extreme minimalist, anyway. (Is this a good time to tell you that Mint tiny homes come with plenty of tiny house storage?!) Still, if you plan to buy a tiny house, you will benefit from flexing your minimalism muscles just a bit. After all, the tiny house lifestyle is about enjoying a higher quality of life, and the more you remove what doesn’t spark joy, the more space you’ll have for what does!

So what exactly do you stand to gain with the tiny home lifestyle? Here are the benefits of minimalism you can enjoy in a tiny house.

Tiny Home Minimalism: Do You Have to Be a Minimalist to Live in a Tiny House? (No, but Here’s Why You Might Want to Be!)

Benefits of Minimalism

Tiny Homes Help You Reconnect

Downsizing for tiny home living is a process. And that process will ask you to make choices about what you value. This may not be an easy task, but the payoff will be huge.

You are about to reconnect with the hobbies, activities, relationships, and things your heart values most.

Now take those things, and move them into a tiny home. 

You’ve just put your heart’s deepest desires into a concentrated space. Get ready for your life to level up.

There’s a reason tiny home dwellers are always glowing!


Tiny Homes Are Easier to Clean

We bet you’ll be excited to reconnect with your favorite pastimes, but is cleaning the house one of your hobbies? We didn’t think so!

Fortunately, when you practice minimalism as a part of your tiny house lifestyle, cleaning your home will get easier.

Owning fewer things means there is less responsibility. Just think of all the extra items you won’t have to organize, mend, dust, maintain, or account for!

Tiny home minimalism has the power to buy back your time, and how you spend it is entirely up to you! So go on, be indulgent, you’ve earned it!


Tiny Homes Lead to Less Overwhelm

Have you ever opened your closet and felt overwhelmed by the choices? Or stared at boxes in your garage in an attempt to locate the food processor? Did you give up and put the almonds in the blender?

Yup, pretty much everyone has had the same experience!

Traditional homes give us a lot more space than tiny homes, but while storage is nice, too much storage can lead to overwhelm.

Overwhelm causes us to waste things, abandon projects, and even buy things we already own because finding them would take too much effort!

Even if you’re not a strict minimalist, living a minimal-ish lifestyle in a tiny home will ensure you own your things and not the other way around.

Raise your hand if you’re looking for a less overwhelming life!


Tiny Homes Save Time

So here’s a fun one. Practicing tiny home minimalism will get you out of the house so much faster!

Are you the person who says you’re on your way out the door, but thirty minutes later you’re still looking for your sunglasses?

Because if that’s you, minimalism is about to change your life.

Minimalism helps us choose the things we love the most, and with the clutter gone, you will be able to save time and emotional bandwidth.

Get ready to be the person who shows up early for everything!


Tiny Homes Save Resources

When discussing minimalism, minimalist lifestyles, or the benefits of minimalism, we usually think in terms of the “stuff” for example, decluttering, organizing, donating, or changing our consumer patterns.

It may not be one of the basics of minimalism, but when you live in a tiny house, you will also downsize your carbon footprint!

Mint tiny homes are energy efficient, very well-insulated, and equipped with energy-saving appliances. Our tiny homes run on literally a fraction of what traditional homes do!

You might think that applying minimalism to tiny home utilities would have you without hot water, but think again. We use tankless water heaters and have carefully designed all our utility systems so you can save the planet without even trying.

How’s that for a tiny home minimalism win?!


Tiny Home Minimalism Will Change Your Life

If the idea of a minimal-ish lifestyle still makes you nervous, just know this: your tiny home will be there to guide you.

Since tiny houses have limited space, they will tell you when you start to move out of alignment. So when you do things like:

  • Buy things to support projects you aren’t passionate about
  • Accept gifts you don’t like and keep them out of guilt
  • Forget to consider the environment and say yes to gift wrapping, boxes, and packing materials
  • Mindlessly order things on Amazon to solve very small problems
  • Pull out your credit card any time you see something that inspires you…
Your tiny home will gently remind you of what you value, and encourage you to practice gratitude, awareness, and simplicity.
And these are the tiny home minimalism benefits that will change your life.
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