Tiny Homes: Groundbreaking Affordable Housing for Seniors With Serious Style

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They are all words our society uses, but while ‘senior’ (might) be a helpful modifier for a yoga class, other times, it feels like it doesn’t capture the reverence you deserve, the awe you inspire, the accomplishments you’ve achieved, or the magic you deserve.

Here’s the thing: you’ve worked hard, and now is your opportunity to enjoy your life on another level.

Sure, you might have different needs now than when you were in your twenties, but one that won’t change is your need for housing, and you deserve to age in place in a fabulous way.

So forget the senior living facility, and let’s talk tiny homes.

Tiny homes bring freedom, flexibility, and focus, and people of literally any age can benefit!

So if the phrase “aging in place” sounds cozy, but also kind of stale, keep reading because our team at Mint Tiny House Company has a plan to help you enjoy a juicy next chapter.

Aging in Place in a Tiny Home

Many seniors dream of aging in place, surrounded by memories and familiar things. But
wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in a home that didn’t have old house maintenance
issues, excessive costs, and took forever to clean?

Tiny homes provide a unique opportunity for seniors to age in place while spending less money, and taking on fewer responsibilities.

And those are just three of the tiny house lifestyle benefits you gain when you buy a tiny home. Here’s what else you can expect when you buy a tiny house from Mint Tiny House Company!

Tiny Home Security: Ways to Prevent Theft & Keep Your Tiny Home Secure

Simple Living in a Tiny House

How many times have you wished for a simpler life?

Well, guess what? This chapter is all about you.

The tiny house lifestyle is all about simplicity. In fact, a tiny house will insist that you enjoy the simple life, and if you try to complicate your life (which we humans tend to do!) your tiny house will step in and remind you of your simple living goals.

Simple living is not the same thing as minimalism, though. So if the idea of only owning three books keeps you up at night, don’t worry. The tiny house lifestyle is all about building a life around what you value most. So if you like to read, a tiny library can easily be worked into your plans.

The tiny house lifestyle is all about focus, not depriving yourself. You’re only downsizing so you can enjoy your favourite things more intensely.

The Tiny Home Downsizing Process

When you buy a tiny house, you will likely have to downsize to some degree. And while this will take some effort, it’s also a beautiful opportunity to go over cherished memories and bring fresh energy into your life.

Yes, downsizing means letting things go, but it also means processing, cleaning, connecting, acknowledging, and ultimately ending up with less clutter.

There is no lightness on earth like one feels after downsizing! So take the time to remember the stories you’ve lived, and then let the “stuff” go because a whole new tiny house adventure lies up ahead!

Tiny Home Flexibility for Seniors

If you fall into the senior category and have anxiety about future unknowns, know this: you aren’t alone.

First of all, you literally aren’t alone. People are looking for senior housing, senior living facilities, or affordable housing solutions for seniors now more than ever.

So maybe you can help us spread the word about tiny homes?

Here’s what our team at Mint Tiny House Company wishes all people knew: tiny homes provide incredible flexibility. And this can be comforting when the future is unclear.

A movable tiny home will allow you to relocate anywhere that serves you. So if you’re searching for warmer weather, have a grandchild on the way, discover a great doctor in another state, or want to travel, a tiny home will let you do it. Plus, you can change your plans as many times as you need to, AND you won’t even have to pack a single box!

Affordable Housing for Seniors

What do you picture when you hear the phrase “affordable housing for seniors?”

Is it butcher block countertops, skylights, and stainless steel appliances? Because that’s how we do affordable housing for seniors at Mint Tiny House Company!

Affordable housing does not have to mean beige walls and cheap fixtures. And because tiny homes on wheels are smaller than traditional houses, you can spend the money where it counts.

So go on, fall in love with our rustic lighting package. It’s high time affordable housing for seniors came with style!

Independent Living for Seniors

We benefit from help at all stages of life, but having help shouldn’t mean sacrificing independence. So what does independent living as a senior mean to you?

Living in a tiny house will allow you to place your home where you’ll have assistance nearby. (And it will also give you peace and quiet in case the assistance is coming from your son who is in a heavy metal band.)

Low Maintenence Homes for Seniors

Picture this: your home, but it’s new.

How great would it be to have your own space with a brand-new roof, appliances, water heater, modern bathroom, new windows, and no foundation issues?

This is the kind of low-maintenance home you get to enjoy when you buy a tiny home from Mint Tiny House Company!

Not only will your tiny house be new construction, but it will also be a smaller space and therefore easier to clean.

You have craft projects to do, puppies to train, and mint mojito waiting. So let’s get you a kitchen that takes literally five minutes to clean. How does that sound?

Aging in Place With Style

If you have been on this planet long enough to qualify for your senior badge, you deserve the utmost respect. You also deserve to be seen and acknowledged for being the fun, inspiring, adventurous, strong, incredible human you are. OK, fine, you’re a ‘senior,’ but more importantly,
you’re a person with style.

And you deserve a house that matches your energy.

We know you have choices when it comes to tiny home building companies, but we’d love a chance to meet you so we hear your vision.

So what do you think? Are you ready for an affordable housing option for seniors that is movable, easy to care for, costs less, and is more fun?

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