Tiny House Building Risks and How We Avoid Them

Have you been typing “tiny home builders near me” into your internet search bar?

If so, you’re likely overwhelmed with the small space living options.

Yes, you know a tiny house on wheels is cute, and yes, it could be the perfect affordable senior housing ADU for your parents, but there are also risks.

But what risks do you run when you buy a tiny house? And what are the markings of a great tiny home building company?

Tired of worrying about what could go wrong and not taking action on your tiny house dreams?

We’ve got you.

Today, our team at Mint is pulling back the curtain to show you exactly where tiny home building companies in Canada (or the USA!) get it wrong, and how we get it right.

Let’s do this!

Risks of Buying a Tiny Home

Don’t panic, but here are some ways tiny house building companies can get you into trouble.

  • The tiny home builder didn’t account for increased moisture in a small space.
  • The tiny home builder didn’t take pictures or video of what is behind the walls.
  • The tiny home builder didn’t build to a particular code, and the tiny house doesn’t come
    with a certification.
  • The tiny house builder doesn’t offer follow-up support.
  • The tiny house builder goes bankrupt mid-build, and runs off with a huge chunk of your
    retirement funds!

Annnnd the list goes on.

So how do you mitigate these tiny home building risks?

Here’s how we do it.

Tiny Home Security: Ways to Prevent Theft & Keep Your Tiny Home Secure

Tiny Home Moisture

Even in a dry climate, small spaces like tiny homes can become humid. And since moisture can lead to mold, you’ll want to take precautions when choosing the best tiny home builder.

Mint Tiny House Company has been around for a while, and we’re proud to be one of the most experienced tiny house building companies in Canada. (We sell to tiny home buyers in the USA as well!)

As builders, we take precautions against tiny home moisture by including a lot of operable windows and using high-quality vents in all tiny house kitchens and bathrooms. We also often install mini-splits that have a dehumidifying feature.

Finally, we’ve been building tiny homes long enough to know that mattresses left directly on loft bedroom floors can lead to mold. So if you have a tiny house with a loft bedroom, be sure to place a coconut coir mattress pad underneath it for airflow!

Tiny Home Pictures and Tiny Home Video Tours

At Mint, we take pictures at every stage of the tiny house build, for every single house. And these tiny home pictures are yours to keep!

Pictures (and videos) show tiny home insurance companies, tiny house lenders, tiny home inspectors, and anyone else who needs to know, what’s behind your walls.

This evidence allows you to prove your tiny house was built well. It will also take the “guesswork” out of any future tiny house remodeling projects.

Finally, this documentation will contribute to tiny home resale value. Tiny home buyers feel more confident when they know what’s behind the walls!

Tiny Home Building Codes and Certifications

The government wants to know you’re living in a safe house. (And so do we, and so do you!) This is why building codes were invented.

Building codes are rules that define how to build a safe structure. Certifications verify that a qualified third party approved the work.

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we build tiny home RVs and park model tiny homes.

If a tiny home RV is going to the USA, we build it to USA RV standard NFPA 1192. And if it’s a park model tiny house, we build to ANSI A1195.

For our Canadian clients, we build our tiny house RVs to CSA Z240, and our park model tiny homes to CSA Z241.

If you don’t know what those codes mean, it can be hard to trust. That’s why our facilities are regularly inspected by Intertek and RVIA. Thanks to this, every single one of our tiny homes comes with a certification and seal.

Tiny House Support

When you buy a tiny house, you will need support, and our team wants to be there for you before, during, and even after you buy your tiny home!

In the beginning, support might mean suggesting a tiny home lender so you can apply for tiny home financing.

During the process, you might need someone to talk with about your concerns or appliances choices, and we’ll be there for that too.

And what about after your tiny house is delivered?

Yup! We want to give you tiny home support after you buy a tiny home too! So if you have questions about winterizing your tiny house, transporting your tiny house, or anything else, we’ll be there!

Avoiding Tiny House Bankruptcy

The tiny home industry is still developing, and new tiny home building companies are popping up everywhere.

Many of these tiny home builders mean well but get into hot water anyway. Inexperience can get the best of anyone.

Fortunately, when you buy a Mint tiny house, you’ll be working with a tiny house builder who’s been doing this for a while, and we have systems in place to protect your investment at each stage of the journey.

For instance, we won’t let you pay us 100% upfront. Instead, we have you pay in increments as we build your tiny house.

This system protects you because you only invest small amounts, and only as we prove a tangible asset (your tiny house) exists.


Yes, buying a tiny home has risks, but buying any and every type of home has risks.

The good news is that when you’ve been in the tiny home building business as long as we have, you’ve seen, mitigated, and fixed just about everything.

We’d love to put our expertise into your tiny house. But we imagine you’ll have a few more questions before we do, so just use the link below to book your free tiny home consultation.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog. We can’t wait to meet you!

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