What is a Park Model Home? And Are Park Models Worth the Money?

So you want to buy a tiny house! Well, maybe you want to buy a tiny house. You want to buy a tiny house, but one that’s not too tiny!

Does that sound like you? 

If you have fallen in love with tiny houses and the tiny home lifestyle but want just a bit more living space, we have good news:

Mint Tiny House Company also builds park model homes!

What is a Park Model Home?

A park model home is like a tiny house; it’s just bigger and built to slightly different standards.

Here at Mint, our park model homes are built to CSA Z241 Park Model Standards and certified by Intertek, and our USA park models are manufactured to ANSI A119.5 Park Model Standards and certified by RVIA. 

So what do these certifications mean for your park model floor plans? 

In short, it means you can go bigger!

Our tiny houses on wheels (also called tiny house RVs) are 8.5 feet wide, whereas our USA park model homes are 10 feet wide, and the Canadian versions are 10-12 feet wide. Those two feet add up to a lot of extra living space! 

The extra living space means you can have a more spacious kitchen, additional furniture in your tiny house living room, more tiny house storage, and just more room to move around in general.

The extra width means you’ll need special permits when moving your park model tiny house, but don’t overthink this one. Last time we checked, those permits were $17 USD per state the house passes through.

How Much Does a Park Model Home Cost?

If you think a park model home could be the best tiny house option for you, you’re probably wondering about price, right? So let’s get to it.

The base price of our park model homes is $90,239 USD/ $119,000 CAD, but that price will adjust depending on the tiny house design and upgrade options you select to customize your park model floor plan.

Are Park Models Worth the Money?

It’s important to evaluate the cost of a park model home, but when doing so, you’ll want to note the difference between cost and value.

 After all, without looking at a park model home through the lens of value, how do you know you’re getting your money’s worth? 

So are park models worth the money? Well, our clients would say yes!

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we build our park models with the same care and dedication we build our tiny houses. 

We didn’t become a tiny house-building company just to crank out houses; we built homes for people to enjoy the best chapters of their lives.

Our park model homes bring all the joy of the tiny house lifestyle and the quality we’re known for at Mint while giving you extra space.

How does that sound to you?

How Do You Transport a Park Model Home?

We build our park model homes on trailers or chassis, just like our tiny houses on wheels. So you can transport a park model just like a tiny house!

The one difference between transporting park model homes and tiny houses has to do with permits.

We build our tiny houses on wheels to be 8.5 feet wide because that’s what’s considered “road legal.” And since park model homes are wider than that, you must obtain special permits before moving a park model home. 

People sometimes hear this and wonder, is it still a good decision to buy a park model? 

Our take is that while you might transport a park model house once or twice in its lifetime, you will be enjoying the additional space of a park model floor plan every day. So, yes? 

No one likes to pay extra fees, but before you overthink this one, you should know that last we checked, the “wide load” permits were just $17 USD per state your home passes through!

What Park Model Floor Plans Do You Offer?

Park model homes for sale in Canada

Our Canadian park models sleep 2-6 people and can be built up to 538 square feet. Quite a jump from our tiny house RVs! 

Canadian park model designs can be 10 or 12 feet wide and are built on 34′, 36′, or 44′ trailers. Please note that lofts are not permitted in Canadian park model homes. But hey, that just means you can enjoy a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom!

Our Blakely Edition park model is built on a 44′ trailer and includes full-sized appliances. It also features two closets in the master bedroom and one closet in the guest bedroom!

If you were looking for something a little different, however, our Orca park model floor plan is another great option. The Orca has room for a soaking tub in the bathroom, a dining room table, and a stackable washer and dryer!


Park model homes for sale in the USA

For park model homes that will reside in the USA, we have three main park model floor plans depending on the length of trailer you choose (34′,38′, or 40′). And in the USA, park model homes can have lofts depending on the length!

But lofts or no lofts, our USA park models feature a downstairs bedroom as well. And if you love to cook, you should know that we can build park model homes with spacious endcap kitchens! 

Our new, show-stopping Whidbey USA park model floor plan has a downstairs bedroom, a loft you can stand up in, multiple closets, and a ton of tiny house storage. It also has a 60″ bathtub, a covered deck, and an optional side-deck extension so you can enjoy your iced coffee outside! 

Are You Ready to Buy a Park Model Home?

Whether you live in a tiny house on wheels or a park model home, the tiny house lifestyle is yours to be had. 

So if you are ready for…

✅ Affordable housing

✅ A simple life

✅ Enjoying experiences over things

✅ And want to go tiny, but not too tiny…

Then a Mint Park Model home is for you! 

Would you like to get the details to pitch your park model plan to your loved ones? 

Excellent. Here is a link to our Discovery Form, so we can help you make your case! 

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog, and we’ll see you next week! 


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