Your Mint Tiny House is About to Bring Back Summer

Once upon a time, life stretched on forever, and summer felt like it would never end. And our next birthday? As kids, it felt decades away. 

Then we hunkered down to do a bit of adulting, and BAM! We woke up one morning to find that time had sped up, and birthdays were now happening every six months. Oh, and worst of all, summer vacations were gone.

How did life get so big, fast, and expensive when we weren’t looking? Where did summer go? And is magic really gone?

As adults, it can be easy to get discouraged about the pace of the world we live in. And if you feel the weight of a life without the feeling of summer vacation, you are not alone. 

But guess what? You are reading a tiny house blog, and your instincts are correct. The rumor is true. 

The tiny house lifestyle has the power to transform your life forever.

In fact, a Mint tiny house even has the power to bring back the magic of summer.

A tiny house will bring you back to purpose and passion.

If you think back to childhood, what made summer so incredible? Chances are, you relished the free time. And what makes free time so great? 

Free time is great because it allows us to be exactly who we are.

When we were kids, free time allowed us to indulge our passion for art, sports, animals, or whatever was currently striking a chord. Free time had us going outside, building things, exploring nature, inventing things that needed inventing, and otherwise honing our unique talents and gifts.

Unfortunately, as adults with bills to pay, free time can be hard to come by. When the work day ends, there are houses to clean, cars to maintain, and errands to run.

This is why so many of us try to cram relaxation into small pockets by relying on wine and Netflix. 

You know, instead of building that ornamental garden or getting into paddle boarding like we keep saying we’re going to. It might be normal, but it’s devastating in light of the fact that we only get one life. 

Fortunately, this is where a tiny house steps in.

Tiny houses put the brakes on a consumer-driven life.

Many of us settle for the wine and Netflix scenario because we’re too exhausted by the pace of our lives to do differently. And what drives this pace? Consumerism. 

We go to work so we have money to buy things. But those things end up costing us money to store and emotional bandwidth to maintain. Plus, every time we get stressed, we buy something else to cope, and this cycle continues until we’re drowning in “stuff,” disconnected from our families, and wondering where our time- and our summers- went.

Tiny houses are great because a tiny house won’t allow the cycle of consumerism to continue. 

After all, you can’t keep shopping when you live in a tiny house! And when you can’t buy your way out of stress, you’ll be (strongly) encouraged by your tiny house to decompress in different ways, like by getting outside, for instance.

So if you’ve been indoors, stressed out, and counting down the days until retirement, rest assured that your Mint tiny house can set you on a different track. In fact, get this:

Changing the size of your house is one of the fastest ways to change your life.


And time is of the essence because summer is upon us once again.

Your Mint tiny house is about to bring back summer.

We’ll have to wrap this up in a minute (we’ve got tiny homes to build!), but before we do, we just wanted to share this snippet sent to us by a Mint tiny home owner. 

Once upon a time, at the end of summer…

It was five o’clock in the evening the first time I saw my tiny house. The black cladding was juxtaposed with cedar siding that glowed red under the setting summer sun. 

As I stepped through the French doors and into the tiny living room, the breeze followed me in as if to promise this is a living house.

I gazed up through the living room skylight, and as my vision extended into the clouds, I realized I’d said yes to life without limitations.

That evening, I learned the comfort that comes from sitting on your couch and seeing your refrigerator and washer and dryer all at the same time. All of my needs were met, and all of my resources were within reach. I no longer had to worry about being able to care for myself now or in the future.

Finally, I felt safe. Finally, my goals felt possible. Finally, my soul was settled. And all because of a very small house. And to that house, I am eternally grateful because, like all of us, I only have so many more summers left. 

-Anonymous Mint Tiny Home Owner – 2018 Napa Model

Here is the link to book a consultation, and we hope to meet you soon. 

Summer is upon us, and your tiny house is waiting.

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