Craving a Simple Life? Here's Your Tiny House Tour of a Simple Summer

Have you ever fantasized about spending your summer at a scenic mountain retreat, a lakeside cottage, or a cabin in the woods? Just think of how luxurious it would feel to spend the summer enjoying the serenity of simple living.

For Mint tiny home owners, the vision of a simple summer is a reality. 

In fact, for those who live in their tiny houses full-time, this is life all year long. 

But whether you live in your tiny house full-time or use it as a vacation home, one thing holds true: 

A tiny house is the ultimate place to celebrate the summer season.

It turns out magic is real. Are you ready to buy a tiny house?

Maybe you’ve heard tiny homes described as ‘magic,’ and if you have, the rumor is true. But nothing is quite as magical as a tiny house in summer. And to prove it to you, we’re going to take you on a tiny house tour of simple summer living.

Do you love indoor/outdoor living rooms?

 You may have noticed that we are a fan of French doors here at Mint. And why do we put French doors in our tiny home builds? Because of the way they invite the outdoors in. 

The tiny house lifestyle is all about being closer to nature, but indoor/outdoor living rooms are usually reserved for large, expensive luxury homes. Fortunately, this is the beauty of French doors! 

A tiny house with a well-placed set of French doors means a luxury indoor/outdoor living room is yours for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home!

A tiny house with an indoor/outdoor living space is perfect for relaxing with a summer drink. 

All you have to do is open your doors and windows, and your Mint tiny home will become a living house.

Were you looking for a tiny house with a spa bathroom? Because that's the next stop on this tiny house tour.

Here at Mint, we have created tiny house bathrooms with soaking tubs, glass shower enclosures, and even bathrooms with space for a sauna. Yes, some Mint tiny home owners have saunas in their tiny house bathrooms!

You bring the lemongrass candle, and we’ll build you the spa bathroom of your tiny house dreams. After all, this isn’t regular life; this is the good life.

The good life has a way of making summer feel endless, but when the smells of the grill fade and night falls, your Mint tiny house will transform from a bright and airy living space into a twinkling, cozy cabin. 

Did you choose one of our tiny house designs with a downstairs bedroom? 

If so, be sure to bring a cup of chamomile tea with you before you close the barn door. 

Oh, and remember that whether you decided to buy a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom or a loft, nothing highlights a summer night like snapping on some sparkling fairy lights. We hope you enjoy them as you fall asleep in your tiny home under the stars!

That concludes this tiny house tour… but wait! There’s more!

Tiny house magic exists all year, but summer brings it to another level. After all, summer reminds us of when we were kids and had summers off to enjoy living. 

As kids, summer was a time to explore the world, indulge our senses, and get together with friends and family for fireworks, campouts, and other festivities. Tiny houses allow us to get back to that.

So don’t be surprised if you buy a tiny house and your friends and family want to join you in your simple summer.

People get excited about tiny homes, and we have no doubt that your Mint tiny house will be the focal point of your family’s summer celebrations. 

Tiny houses remove the extra stuff that gets in the way of relationships, and our customers often tell us how much their tiny house has done to bring their families closer together.

So break out the bubble machine, and invite the cousins over to celebrate summer in a tiny house. If you choose one of our tiny home designs with an additional loft bedroom, you’ll even have guest accommodations!

The tiny house lifestyle is about experiences and being more connected to one other. Summer only intensifies these things.

Summer is a great time for change, so if you want to buy a tiny house before fall settles in, there’s no better time than now. 

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we just released our new Onyx model tiny home that features a downstairs bedroom and a breakfast bar! Have you been wanting a tiny house with a deck? Because the Onyx also includes a private, covered deck so you and your friends can soak in the summer evenings. 

We imagine you’ll have questions, but please don’t worry if you don’t have all the pieces figured out. 

For now, just hold your vision of your simple summer, and book a consultation. 

We’ll help you with the rest. After all, you get one life, and you deserve a simple summer.

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