I noticed you offer certain layouts. Do you offer customizations?

Please fill out our discovery form, and in the comments section please list your customization requests! DISCOVERY FORM

What options do you offer?

You will see the add-on features we offer in our online quote form

How much do these homes cost?

The tiny homes vary depending on the size you choose! Please fill out our online quote form for a detailed price, or contact us for more details!

What if I want an unfinished Tiny House (Shell build)?

We do not offer any shell/unfinished or custom tiny house RVs. We CAN try and remove as many items as possible, however the tiny house would still have the feel of a completed home, you could install your own staircases, etc. Any electrical appliances you can put in yourselves later. 

Do you sell the building plans for your models?

No, we do not sell our floor plans. 

What sizes do you offer?

We offer a variety of sizes for both our Tiny House RV’s and Tiny House Park models

RV Sizes (CSA Z240RV or NFPA 1192): 

  • 26ft, 34ft bumper pull trailers and a 41ft Gooseneck trailer

Park Model Sizes (CSA Z241 PARK MODEL or ANSI A119.5)

  • 10ft width: 34ft, 38ft, and 40ft lengths
  • 12ft width: 44ft length *Only available in Canada
  • 14ft width: 38ft length *Only available in Canada

Can I spec my tiny home to have a shed style roof instead of a peaked roof?

Shed style is only available on select park models. Please contact our sales team for more info. 

I noticed a few Dealerships are now selling Mint Tiny House RV’s. What does this mean?

Yes, Fraserway RV in Canada, and Clear Creek RV in the USA are now offering Mint Tiny House Company RVs!

This means that you can now purchase a tiny house straight from a Dealer near you! Contact the Dealership directly to discuss your options!  

Do you offer Wholesale Pricing on Multiple Orders?

Always! Contact us directly to get a price for wholesale purchases. 

How do I get started?

Step 1. Fill out our Online quote form or Contact us Today. We will have you complete our Discovery Form. This will give us further information on your needs for your Tiny House RV.

Step 2. We will match you with a layout that best suits your needs. Once this is approved by you, its now time to apply for financing (if applicable)

Step 3. Get your finances in order. This is the stage where you will want to get your financing approved.

Step 4. Pay your retainer to reserve your build/completion slot!

Step 5. Finalize colour selections, and Sign the Purchase Agreement!

How long is the build time frame?

The manufacturing lead time is 8 weeks. We will do our best to have your RV begin as soon as possible, however this does depend entirely on the amount of Tiny House RVs that we have on the go. We typically are placing order 6-7 months in advance to when the RV will be completed.

Where are you located?

Our manufacturing facility is in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We regularly ship all across the USA and Canada!

Can I visit where the Tiny House RVs are manufactured?

We do not allow for any viewings are our manufacturing facility. We can however schedule viewings of our finished product at our separate location by appointment only. Please contact us for availability! We do not accept or facilitate any unscheduled/drop-in visits.

Does Mint Tiny House Company offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all structural and material defects for your tiny home! The trailer is covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and the roof has a 40 year manufacturers warranty.

What is the payment process?

Once you have secured your land, gotten pre-approved for financing by your lender (if required), are happy with your estimate, and agree on a rough layout for your build, you can now secure your completion date!

For this, we require a $25,000 CAD non-refundable retainer (this amount will be put towards your first payment of the home). This retainer is deducted off of your initial 1/3rd payment, which is due 1 week before manufacturing begins. The payments are as follows:

  • $25,000 Retainer upfront to hold completion slot
  • 1/3rd payment before manufacturing starts (minus the retainer amount)
  • 1/3rd payment halfway through manufacturing
  • 1/3rd payment once the Tiny house RV is complete, prior to delivery
  • Your Mint Tiny House RV must be paid in full prior to pick up or delivery.


I am from the USA, can I still buy a Mint Tiny House RV?

Absolutely! We can use a third party delivery company to bring your Tiny House RV to you; no matter where you are in Canada and the USA.

Do you deliver to the USA?

Yes, we do! In fact our Tiny House RVs can be delivered anywhere across Canada and the United States. There is a $700 border documentation fee for import of the tiny home through customs.

Do I have to pay the $700 border documentation fee?

The fee is for a broker to import the tiny house RV into the USA. They ensure all the paperwork ahead of time, and arrange for smooth sailing through the customs import process. This fee is mandatory if we are arranging delivery for you. If you are transporting the RV across the border yourself, you are more than welcome to waive the fee and arrange the paperwork yourselves.

Is there any duty to be paid on the tiny home going to the USA?

No, however your local State may require that you pay Usage tax on the value of the tiny house RV. This is done with your local road insurance company, and the amount of tax due is based on your local State’s Usage tax rate.

How does pricing work for US buyers

Quite simple, all our prices are in Canadian dollars, so the price is fixed purely on the exchange rate at point of purchase/payment.

Do I need to prep my site?

Yes, we recommend either a concrete pad or a gravel pad (graded and levelled). You will also need to ensure you prepare yourself for any possible winter conditions. This includes, but is not limited to; having a back-up generator, ensuring that you have back-up propane bottles, etc. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information.

I found a great site, but it has no septic or power. Do you build tiny house RVs for off-grid?

We do not install any solar, however we can design the tiny house RV to be off-grid ready, complete with propane heating, composting toilet, 12V lighting, propane appliances, etc. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

Where can I park the Tiny House RV?

All of our Tiny House RVs are certified as Recreational Vehicles (RVIA NFPA 1192 and CSA Standard Z240 RV) therefore in most areas they fall under the same category as any other RV when you are looking for a place to park. In this regard, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be aware of any bylaws that may effect your location. 

If I am not going off-grid, what hookups will I need on site?

All our standard base models are equipped for electricity on site. We recommend you have 50A available to the home if possible!

Each RV comes standard with a 3” RV grey water and black water hookup, which will give you the option of hooking the home into septic/sewer. The water connection is hooked up with a simple garden hose connection! We can supply you with a 50A Power cord (20ft), as well as the necessary sewer hookups and water hose so that you are ready to hook into services as soon as the tiny house RV is delivered to you! See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

What hookups do I need on site?

All of our standard base models are all equipped for electricity on site. They all come standard with 3 inch RV grey water and black water hookups, which give you the option of hooking them up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via garden hose connection. See our free Site Services Guide for more detailed information. 

Is my Tiny House RV equipped for cold winters?

We insulate all our Tiny House RVs using closed cell foam for the walls and roof for the rigidity and R-value, and rigid insulation in the floors. This gives you an R-value of R21. You will still need to add insulated skirting around the trailer chassis, to regulate the temperature shift below the trailer chassis. We often have some recommended upgrades for those living in extreme winter climates. For example we often recommend adding in a propane forced air furnace, or upgrading the mini split to an Arctic mini split (220V) to better withstand the cold climates. See our free Cold Climate/Winter Guide for more detailed information. 

What is an RV- Certified Tiny House?

We manufacture each structure directly on a trailer chassis. Each tiny house we manufacture is certified as a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or Park Model. We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure your tiny house RV is top quality! With regular inspections by both Intertek and RVIA, you can be sure our product is being built to the highest standard. 

  • Canadian RV standards: CSA Z240 RV (RV’s) & CSA Z241 (Park Models)
  • USA RV standards: NFPA 1192 (RV’s) & ANSI A1195 (Park Models)

How is an RV-Certified Tiny House a benefit?

It can help you get Financing! A tiny house RV (Tiny house on wheels) qualifies for an RV loan, as opposed to a traditional mortgage. 

 Banks are more comfortable lending on the completed product that has been inspected and certified by a third party.

 Are there any other Benefits to having an RV Certified tiny house?

Yes! You’ll have all the necessary national safety marking with approval for use on roads for Transport! 

You can rest easy knowing your tiny house RV is legal for transport on the road! Registered with necessary National Safety Marking approval for use on the road with Transport Canada and Registered with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). See our Free Insurance & Registration Guide for more detailed information.

Is it easier to get insurance with a certified Tiny house RV?

Definitely! It is classed as a Travel Trailer, and is simple to insure for transport. You insure the Tiny House RV as a travel trailer at the DMV (ICBC) for transport. For insurance for sitting on your land/parked, you can try your typical insurance agencies such as Hub International, Aviva, etc. See our Free Insurance & Registration Guide for more detailed information.

 Is an RV Certified tiny house Safe?

We recommend going with a certified Tiny House RV because they are manufactured to follow strict safety codes. Keep your family safe with everyday living and when on the road with a Tiny House RV! See our Free Insurance & Registration Guide for more detailed information.

A few examples of this: 

  • Your Tiny House RV is manufactured with all necessary emergency egress windows as per RV code. 
  • Any Propane appliances are approved for use in RVs to ensure safety during transport. 
  • Safety Railings and any Staircases are manufactured to RV code for your safety. This is especially important for those of you with small children

 Is it easier to sell an RV-Certified Tiny House?

An RV-certified Tiny House is much easier to sell again if you wish to. All our RVs are certified to both USA and Canadian standards, so you can resell them anywhere across the USA and Canada. 

For more in-depth details, please refer to our Guides/Resources, however below is a sampling of some commonly asked questions about certain tiny house features!

I am Considering a Composting toilet. What models do you offer, and what are the pros and cons of each?

The composting toilet options we offer: Nature’s head composting toilet, and the Separett Villa Composting toilet. Both are great models when it comes to composting toilets! The main difference between the two is that the Separett is plumbed directly into your grey water, whereas the Nature’s head you would need to empty the liquid waste manually from the Liquid waste vessel supplied with the toilet. 

Do you offer incinerating toilets?

At this present time, most incinerating toilets are not rated for use in RV’s, so we cannot install them. 

I see your Oven/Cooktops are Propane. Do you offer different models for these?

Our oven’s are typically propane in order to comply with RV electrical requirements. In order to install Propane appliances, they must be rated for use in an RV (due to movement during transport), and thus must be listed for RV use. For this reason our standard oven/cooktops are Furrion oven/Cooktops. 

Still got questions? Contact us today!