Creative Tiny House Storage Ideas for Small Space Living

If you are new to small-space living and have plans to buy a tiny house, today’s tiny home blog post was written especially for you!

Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we’ve been building tiny homes for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve learned a ton of space-saving storage hacks, small-space living tips, and tiny home design elements that will help you make the most of your tiny house.

Are you ready to learn how to maximize life in minimal space?

Tiny Home Living Room Storage

Your tiny house living room is where you’ll likely spend most of your time. So it’s important to have plenty of tiny house storage!

Here are a few tiny home design elements, space-saving furniture pieces, and vertical storage options that will help you maximize space no matter which tiny home layout you choose!

Tiny Home Entryway

When you first step into your Mint tiny house, you’ll be standing in the living room. You’ll also likely have things like shoes, coats, keys, and bags you’ll want to set down, so let’s talk about where those things might go!

You may not have a formal mud room in a tiny house, but a couple of hooks by the front door, and a catch-all bowl nearby will make all the difference. Oh, and don’t forget about shoes!

Tiny House Shoe Storage

Some people like to hang a shoe rack on the inside of their closet doors. This makes use of vertical storage and keeps shoes both organized and out of sight.
Another good option is to store your shoes in a storage ottoman. These handy pieces of furniture provide easily accessible storage for bulky items.

Tiny Home Storage Loft

At Mint, we know there will be things you’ll need to store that you won’t necessarily want to use on a daily or even weekly basis. That’s why our tiny home designs often feature storage lofts.

A storage loft is like a bedroom loft, but smaller, and intended for tiny home storage rather than sleeping. In a tiny home, floor space is always a precious commodity, so tiny houses with storage lofts allow you to think “up” instead of “out.”

Small Storage Couches for Tiny Homes

One rule of quality tiny home storage is that tiny home storage must be easily accessible. This is what makes storage couches so great for tiny houses!

Sure, a storage loft is great for storing things like off-season clothes or holiday decor, but you won’t want to climb into your tiny house storage loft to grab extra blankets, fresh towels, or other items you’ll need more regularly.

This is why a good small storage couch can save the day.

Ikea and Wayfair have some great options, but our favorite is The Jovie customizable sectional couch by Home Reserve. The Jovie has removable covers that can be made out of pet fabric, and since the armrests are flat, you’ll have even more coveted surface area to set things down.

(Do we think of everything or what?!)

Tiny Home Kitchen Storage

Ah, tiny home kitchen storage. This is where small-space tiny house storage gets serious! After all, most of us are accustomed to having quite a few kitchen gadgets.

You may have to pair down when you buy a tiny house, but rest assured that plenty of people live happily in Mint tiny houses and still cook from scratch.

Here are a few tiny house kitchen storage decisions to consider when choosing your tiny home

Tiny House Kitchens With Open Shelves vs. Upper Cabinets

Tiny home kitchens with open shelving will make your house feel light and bright.
And while these things can still be achieved with upper cabinets, open shelves really take things to the next level.
At Mint, we use open shelves a lot, but if we do use upper cabinets, we tend to keep them light colored for maximum brightness. 
Pull-Out Pantries & Rolling Carts in Tiny Homes
Pull-out pantries and rolling carts are some of the best tiny home kitchen storage vessels around! And if you like, we can leave space in your tiny home kitchen for a rolling cart or pull-out pantry.
Both space-saving options will help you stay organized in a small kitchen.
Rolling carts can be moved so if you need a dining room table one minute, and a desk to study the next, a rolling cart with a flat surface can meet all your needs. And all while providing valuable tiny house kitchen storage below!

Tiny Home Bathroom Storage

When it comes to tiny house bathroom storage, our best tip is to think vertically.

We do this in the tiny home design phase by including tiny house bathroom storage options like hanging medicine cabinets and floating shelves, but there is more you can add once you move in!

Tiny House Bathroom Carts

We suggested a rolling cart for your tiny house kitchen, but did you know a bathroom cart was a thing?

Bathroom carts are super slim and can slip into small spaces to provide vertical storage for things like extra toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.  

Tiny House Hair Dryer Mounts

When you’re getting ready for the day in your tiny house bathroom, the last thing you want is to be knocking things off the counter. This is why a hair dryer mount can be so helpful.

Hang one outside the cabinet when you’re using it, and inside your tiny house bathroom cabinet when it’s time to stow it away.

Hair dryers are one of those frequently used bulky items, and this is the best option we’ve seen to save space (and sanity!) in your tiny home bathroom.


Tiny Home Bedroom Storage

Whether your tiny house design features a downstairs bedroom, a tiny house loft, or both, you will need proper bedside storage for maximum relaxation.

Here are just a few things you’ll want to think through when it comes to small-space tiny house bedroom storage:

  • Water bottles
  • Contact lens supplies
  • Glasses
  • Chapstick
  • Books
  • Medications
  • Phones or other electronic devices

In our tiny homes with loft bedrooms, we made sure to make the window sills wide enough for you to set things down.

Tiny Home Built-In Storage

Many of our tiny home loft bedrooms feature a pony wall or privacy wall that sections the sleeping area off from the rest of the tiny house. And we’ve used these walls as opportunities to give you more tiny house bedroom storage!

You can use the shelves on the back sides of these walls to store clothes, personal effects, and things your dog might need in the night.

(Because your dog is allowed in your tiny house loft, right??)

Storage is always top of mind when it comes to small space living, but we’ve done our best to give you as much of it as possible.

Are you looking to buy a tiny house that’s not too tiny? If so, you should know that here at Mint Tiny House Company we build park model homes as well as tiny house RVs.

Not sure which is right for you? No worries. Just use the link below to set up your free consultation, and we’ll help you decide on the perfect tiny house design. One with plenty of tiny house storage, of course! 😉

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