Is a Tiny House Airbnb a Good Investment? The Truth About Tiny House Vacation Rentals

“Tiny house vacation rental near me” and “tiny house Airbnb near me” are becoming increasingly popular search phrases, and for good reason! Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation in a cozy, fun space like a tiny house on wheels?!

But while the world has fallen in love with tiny houses and small-space living in general, tiny house investors have more to look at than just fun-factor.

So what’s the verdict? Is a tiny house a good investment? And more specifically, is a tiny house a good vacation rental?

Today we’re diving into the world of tiny house Airbnbs! 

(And spoiler alert: we have two new tiny house short-term rental units specifically designed to be Airbnb investments!)

Is a Tiny House Airbnb a Good Investment?

Whether you rent your tiny house on Airbnb, VRBO, Hipcamp, Vacasa, or any other such site, you’ll first have to decide if a tiny house vacation rental is a good investment. 

Tiny homes can be long-term rental properties or short-term rental investments, but as you’ll soon see, tiny house Airbnbs can be particularly advantageous. 

Below are some questions to help you discover why a tiny house Airbnb could be your best investment!

How much does it cost to buy a tiny house? 

As any seasoned investor knows, profitability requires you to work backward.

 So before you can answer the question, “How much do tiny homes make on Airbnb?” We first have to answer the question, “How much does it cost to buy a tiny house? 

The cost of your tiny home will depend on the tiny house floor plan you choose, but our new tiny house short-term rental units (STR Editions) are around 100k USD once you add in a few upgrades. And if you skip the upgrades, your tiny house short-term rental will cost even less! 

If you are a seasoned real estate investor, we think you’ll be pleased with this number. After all, how many (new!) houses could you buy in your target vacation rental market with that price tag? 

But while “How much does a tiny house cost?” is an important question, crunching the numbers doesn’t end there.

Those who plan to buy a tiny house Airbnb will also want to consider the cost of furnishing the unit, maintaining it, and paying for a vacation rental turnover service.

So how does a tiny house Airbnb stack up against more traditional vacation rental units? Here is a vacation rental checklist to help you weigh a tiny house Airbnb against other types of properties!

Vacation Checklist

Less expensive to obtain & maintain = more profit.

We think you’ll find this list pretty convincing, but if you want to buy a tiny house investment property, we know you’ll have another big question on your mind.

How Much Do Tiny Homes Make on Airbnb?

Tiny house Airbnbs can be extremely lucrative. In fact, statistics report that it’s not uncommon for vacation rental properties to make 2-3 times the money a long-term rental would make!

Tiny home vacation rental profitability

Besides the things mentioned in our tiny house vacation rental checklist, there are a couple of other factors that contribute to making a tiny house Airbnb a good investment.

The first factor is niche. Tiny homes offer a unique experience that will bring more to your guest’s vacation, which will likely increase your bookings!

Also, in addition to appealing to vacationers, you can market to those who want to buy a tiny home. After all, many people want to stay in a tiny house before they commit to buying one of their own!

The second factor that could make a tiny house more profitable than a more traditional piece of property is a tiny home’s built-in flexibility. 

You can move your tiny house Airbnb seasonally or wherever guests go. 

Do you have a fear that you’ll buy a tiny house Airbnb and that it won’t be profitable because of your location? If so, welcome to the beauty of tiny homes! If your first spot doesn’t work out, a tiny house on wheels will allow you to change your location easily! 

Buy a Tiny House Airbnb

If you want to add value to your home or an existing rental property, a tiny house vacation rental in the backyard could be just the thing. 

And here at Mint Tiny House Company, we’ve designed two tiny house short-term rental units with investors (and their guests!) in mind!

L30 STR Edition

The Mint L30 STR Edition tiny house is thirty feet long, sleeps 2-6 people, and features a downstairs bedroom.

Tiny houses with downstairs bedrooms can be particularly advantageous as vacation rentals because they appeal to a wider variety of guests. 

Airbnb profitability is also linked to the number of beds a unit offers, so we’ve also included two full-sized lofts in the L30 STR. And you can fit a king-sized bed in each one of them!

N26 STR Edition

If your backyard or investment property won’t fit a thirty-foot tiny home, no worries.

The N26 STR is based on our popular Napa model tiny home, and since it’s built on a twenty-six-foot tiny house trailer, you can easily fit it into a smaller space!

The N26 STR doesn’t have a downstairs bedroom, but if a tiny house vacation rental with a downstairs bedroom is important to you, it’s easy enough to put a convertible couch in the living room.

And like the L30 STR, this tiny house comes with luggage storage and a fully electric kitchen, so you won’t have to change propane tanks during a guest’s visit.

Honestly, there is no wrong choice when it comes to these two models. Both feature a show-stopping tiny house design that will make your vacation rental listing pop!

Conclusion: Is a Tiny House Airbnb a Good Investment? 

You’ll have to do your own research, of course, but we think you’ll find plenty of people who are pleased with their tiny home Airbnb!

If you want to know more about the tiny house short-term rental options we have here at Mint, the next step is filling out our discovery form.

And why wouldn’t you? After all, how great would it be if your tiny house vacation rental could pay for your vacations?! You’re just one phone call away from learning more!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to meet you soon! 

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