Legal Tiny Home Parking - Our Epic Guide to the Best Tiny Home Communities

If you want to buy a tiny home, you will need to find tiny house parking. So where can you park a tiny house? How about a tiny home community?

If a sense of community is important in creating the tiny home lifestyle you imagine, a tiny home community can be a great source of support and inspiration.

Are you ready to learn more about tiny home communities? Be sure to read this tiny house blog post through to the end because we’re including lists of the best tiny home communities in Canada and the USA!

What Is a Tiny Home Community?

A tiny home community is exactly what it sounds like— a community of tiny homes and tiny home dwellers who share space while supporting one another.

Many tiny home communities also feature amenities like fire pits, water features, laundry facilities, and other things to build community and enhance the tiny house lifestyle.

What’s the Difference Between a Tiny Home Community and an RV Park?

On a zoning/infrastructure level, tiny home communities and RV parks are similar or even identical. In fact, many tiny home communities were once RV parks that have been converted to cater to tiny homes!

If there is a difference, it has more to do with the vibe.

RV stands for “recreational vehicle,” which means they are intended for recreation or part-time living. This can give RV parks a temporary feel, whereas tiny homes are built to support full-time dwelling. (Even if the current legal status of tiny homes often argues this point!)


Benefits of Tiny Home Communities

Since tiny homes are built to support full-time dwellings, tiny home communities often have a stronger sense of permanency and intentionality.

There is also an increased emphasis on aesthetics, since unlike RVs, tiny houses are built using traditional house-building materials. This can bring warmth and a feeling of comfort to a tiny home community.

These aesthetic differences can also extend to the park, with more tiny home community developers making an effort to place homes in a way that feels more like a neighborhood, and less like a traditional RV park with all the homes sandwiched together in rows.

Downsides of Tiny Home Communities

Are you wondering about the downsides of tiny home communities? Much as we love these tiny home parking spaces, there are a few cons to parking your tiny home in one.

The first is privacy.

If you place a high value on privacy, a tiny home community may not be ideal and could involve more social interaction than introverts would prefer.

Tiny home communities can also be expensive.

Many tiny home community developers are making an effort to keep costs reasonable, but the price of the land, the amenities offered, and/or the desire for investor return can sometimes create a price tag of over $1,000 dollars per month!

Don’t worry, though, we’ve heard of tiny home communities where you can rent land to park a tiny house for about half that.

Are you ready to hear about our favorite tiny home communities? Here’s our list of the best tiny home communities in Canada and the USA!

Best Tiny Home Communities in Canada

Big Calm Tiny Homesteads Tiny Home Community (British Columbia)

Big Calm Tiny Homesteads Tiny Home Community was started by Abby and Steve, an eco-conscious couple who work remotely, and wanted to create a space for others to bring their tiny homes and do the same!

This community has an emphasis on permaculture and features an organic garden. It’s also pet-friendly, has full hookups, and offers high-speed wifi!

This tiny home community has plans for further development, so stay tuned for even more legal tiny home parking spots!

Best Tiny Home Communities in the USA

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community (North Carolina)

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community might just be the most famous tiny home community in the world.

This tiny home community is located in Mills River, North Carolina. It’s super close to Brevard, NC, and just twenty-two miles from Asheville.

Do you love fly fishing? How about mountain biking and hiking? Your well-behaved pets will be welcome at this tiny home community, so bring your four-legged friends.

Some tiny house communities are small, but this one features eight spaces with full utility hookups. Seventeen of the spaces are even tiny home vacation rentals, so you can try out the tiny house lifestyle before committing.


Cranmore Meadows (North Carolina)

Cranmore Meadows is another tiny house parking option that makes our list of the best tiny home communities in the United States!

Cranmore Meadows is located in Haw River, North Carolina. There are currently seven developed tiny home parking spaces full utility hookups, and plans for thirteen total.

This tiny home community is all about putting people and the planet first. And isn’t that the tiny house lifestyle in a nutshell?


Hermosa Orchards Village Tiny Home Community (Colorado)

Just eight miles north of Durango, Colorado, you will find one of the best tiny house communities in the United States!

Hermosa Orchards Village is perfect for any tiny home dweller who wants to find tiny house parking with plenty of outdoor space.

This tiny home community features twenty-two tiny home parking spaces with full hookups and 3,600-6,000 square foot lots! So if you were looking for a tiny home community that would have room for your garden or a second tiny house yoga studio, Hermosa Orchards Village could be the best tiny home community near you!

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village (Texas)

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is one of the first tiny home communities in existence, and we are so grateful to them for paving the way.

If you want to park a tiny house in Texas, this is one tiny home community you should consider.

This community features thirteen lots and a community garden, It’s also just two blocks from Main Street!

Looking for a Tiny Home Builder?

That concludes our list of the best tiny home communities in Canada and the United States!

Rest assured, though, there are many more. There are also new tiny house parking spots and tiny home communities popping up every day.

Now that you’ve learned where you can park a tiny house legally, you’ll need a tiny house to go with the tiny home community of your dreams.

So are you ready to take the next step? You can book a free tiny home consultation with a member of our team below to learn more.

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