Mint Tiny Home Designs - Secrets of Our Signature Style

Do you know when you like something, but often struggle to articulate what it is that makes the thing special?

Many people find themselves in this predicament when shopping for a tiny house. It can be easy to look at a picture and fall in love, but tricky to answer questions like:

What are you looking for in a tiny house?

What tiny home design would suit you best?

And, can you describe the tiny house aesthetic you’re going for?

If that’s you, you’re not alone!

Tiny home design is an art, and we’ve worked for years to perfect the details. We also know from experience that you will feel more confident in your tiny home design decisions and in us as your tiny home builder if you can define what makes our homes special.

So if you find yourself “drawn” to our tiny home designs, but aren’t quite sure why, stick with us because today we’ll be digging in.

Here are the tiny home design details that make a Mint tiny house stand out!

Mint Tiny Homes Have Natural Light

Light is so important in a small space. So at Mint Tiny House Company, we make sure you have as much of it as possible in your tiny home.

You’ll notice that many of our tiny home designs feature skylights or high windows. Skylights and high windows both allow light to come from up top, and flood your tiny home with natural light.

It could be brightness that’s catching your attention when you browse the tiny homes for sale in our gallery!

You may also notice that we like to use glass doors in many of our tiny home designs. Sometimes we even build tiny homes that feature glass French doors!

And why? Because you can never, ever have too much light.

Mint Tiny Homes Have Warmth

Some tiny house building companies feature cool tones, but at Mint Tiny House Company, we design tiny homes using warm colors. In fact, we want to incorporate as much warmth as possible.

So if you’ve been drawn to our tiny home floor plans, chances are you’re a fan of warm colors too!
Tiny homes are cozy. They are meant to be beautiful, safe structures that provide ease, simplicity, and comfort. And in our minds, all of these things lend themselves to warmth, hence a warmer colour palette.
You’ll find warmth in the type of wood we use, the stains we treat it with, our butcher block countertops, and even the light that shines from our rustic lighting package.
In our opinion, when it comes to tiny house designs, the warmer the better; wouldn’t you agree?

Mint Tiny Homes Are Sturdy

If you’ve been attracted to our tiny house designs here at Mint because they just seem solid, you should know that your intuition is on to something.

The piping we use for our wall ladders and stair railings is seriously anchored in. The same goes for the stair posts. In fact, the overall integrity of the build is pretty darn sturdy!

So go ahead and hang on the bars or borrow them for your exercise routine. Your Mint tiny house can handle it.

Once you’ve looked at homes built by different tiny home builders, you’ll start to notice that not all tiny homes are built with the same level of strength. Some tiny house designs are just sturdier while others are flimsier.

So if you’ve had a gut feeling that a Mint tiny house would be a sturdy build- you are right!

Mint Tiny Homes Have Carefully Chosen Building Materials

Shopping for tiny home-building materials must be done carefully.

Here’s the thing. You (naturally) want your tiny home to look amazing, however, you also (likely) have a tiny house budget to stick to.

Somewhere in between those two goals lies the perfect material that looks as good as possible while keeping tiny home costs in check.

We’ve shopped hard to find those perfect tiny house building materials. So if you find yourself drooling every time you browse the tiny house designs in our gallery, it could be that you subconsciously recognize the materials as top-notch and the best option for you.

Mint Tiny Homes Showcase Excellent Finish Work

Do you sometimes look at a great tiny house, but something in your soul still feels “meh” about it?

If so, it could be the result of less-than-steller finish work.

Finish work is the detail part of building a house. It’s the finishing touches if you will. Finish work can include window trim, built-in furniture, and other flourishes that give your tiny home that extra level of exquisiteness.

At Mint Tiny House Company, we’ve honed our eye for the finish details.

We do things like create angled cuts, sand rounded edges, and include more detail to the trim than you might see in other tiny homes.

Finish work can be tricky to articulate if you aren’t used to looking for it, but you still probably know quality finish work when you see it.

So if you love our tiny home designs, that could be what you’re drawn to!

Is Mint the Best Tiny House Building Company for You?

We certainly hope so!

Have you been liking our tiny house Instagram posts? And pining tiny houses on Pinterest only to discover they are Mint tiny house designs? If so, there must be something that resonates with you about our brand.

We find that our tiny home clients- whether they can specify it or not- are drawn to the same details we are.

And if we value the same things in a tiny home that you do, we’d love to build your house!

Here is a link to our tiny house gallery where you can browse our tiny home designs. And when you’re ready, you can use the link below to book your free tiny home consultation.

From there, we’ll be able to answer your questions, help you make specific tiny house design and appliance choices, and get your build underway.

Because isn’t it about time your tiny home dream came true?

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog. We can’t wait to meet you!

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