Tiny Home Security: Ways to Prevent Theft & Keep Your Tiny Home Secure

Once you buy a Mint tiny home, you’ll naturally want to protect your investment. Of course, insurance is always a good idea, but sometimes it pays to take additional home security measures as well.

Are you wondering what tiny home security looks like?

If so, keep reading. Today we’re reviewing the most common methods of preventing tiny house theft and keeping your home secure.

Buy a Tiny House Hitch Lock

Do people steal tiny homes? We hate to imagine it, but tiny homes on wheels do come with a higher theft risk.

So how can you protect your tiny home investment from being carted off?
One way to secure your tiny home is with a hitch lock.
Hitch locks are metal devices that you can fit around your hitch to prevent a thief from towing your tiny house away.
Of course, your tiny house could be moved differently (like with a crane), but we have yet to hear of any tiny house burglars pulling that one off!

Use Tiny House Skirting (and Decks and Shrubbery)

Stealing a tiny house isn’t nearly as easy as stealing a pack of gum from the store or a package off your front porch, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. That’s why you’ll want to make stealing YOUR tiny home extra difficult.

If all a tiny house thief has to do is hook your home up to a truck and drive away, they might do it. At least they might unless you put measures in place to prevent tiny house theft! One way to do so is by skirting your tiny home.

Skirting your tiny home will make it much harder to steal.

The thief would have to remove the skirting or drive away with it intact, which would cause quite a commotion!

Tiny home decks, tiny home front porches, and shrubbery can all create a similar obstacle.

Maybe a few hedges are all the tiny home security you need!

Set Your Tiny House on Blocks

Many tiny home owners put blocks under their tiny home trailers to increase stability and preserve tiny house tires.

But while there are plenty of good reasons to put blocks under your tiny house trailer frame, blocks can also assist with tiny home security! 

If your tiny home is sitting on blocks, a thief would have to remove the blocks before driving away. And that takes time and tools!

Use Hard-Piping to Connect to Tiny House Uilities

At Mint Tiny House Company, our tiny homes on wheels hook up like RVs. In fact, we even call them “tiny house RVs.”

This system makes it easy to set up your tiny home utilities. Unfortunately, it also makes it easy for a tiny house thief to disconnect your tiny home utilities.

That’s why it might be worth “hard-piping” to sewer if you find a tiny house parking spot where you can stay for a while.

Hard-piping a tiny home to sewer (or septic) means you’ll use rigid PVC pipes and long-term adhesives instead of twist-and-click RV sewer hose options.

You’ll need a few parts from a hardware store, and perhaps the assistance of a qualified plumber, but connecting your tiny home to sewer with hard-piping may deter tiny house thieves.

Coincidentally, hard-piping a tiny home to sewer may also help you in your quest to secure legal tiny home parking.

Buy Locking Wheel Chocks for Tiny Homes

Wheel chocks are devices that can be placed at the base of wheels to prevent a structure like a boat or a tiny house on wheels from rolling away. And while that’s a great use of them, if you buy tiny house wheel chocks with a locking mechanism, they could serve as a mini tiny home security system!

Install Tiny House Smart Locks

Tiny house locks of any kind are a good idea, but tiny house smart locks can be particularly useful!

A tiny home smart lock will allow you to grant access and secure your tiny home from a distance. This can be helpful if friends or trusted maintenance workers need to stop by.

Additionally, tiny house smart locks are a great feature for tiny home vacation rentals! You’ll want your tiny home Airbnb to run smoothly, and tiny house smart locks will allow you to change the code easily for each new guest.

Consider Tiny House Security Systems With Cameras

Even the presence of a tiny home security system can deter a thief from stealing a tiny house. But if they try anyway, you’ll want to have a tiny house security system with cameras.

Tiny home security systems with cameras are another great option for those with tiny house Airbnbs.

A tiny home home security system with cameras will be able to monitor that your occupancy limits are honored, pet restrictions are adhered to, and could provide valuable insight if illegal activities were to occur during a guest’s stay.

Consider Tiny House Security Systems With Cameras

If the list above resonates with you, and you need a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom, you are in luck! We have tiny houses with downstairs bedrooms for sale.

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Tiny Home Security in a Nutshell

Buying a tiny home is an investment, so you’ll want to protect your tiny home as you would anything else of value.

But while tiny home security is important, don’t let today’s blog post overly worry you. It’s still pretty tricky for a thief to casually steal a tiny house!

Most tiny home owners use a hitch lock plus 1-3 of the other tiny home security measures to keep their minds at ease.

And now that you know all about tiny home security systems, it’s time to get you a tiny house to protect! You can begin by browsing our gallery.

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