Seven Unique Ways Your
Mint Tiny House Can Serve You

When the first modern North American tiny houses debuted more than two decades ago, they were simple structures built by DIY home builders. Most featured rudimentary (if any) plumbing, minimal electrical and finish work, and were considerably smaller than the tiny homes you see on the market today.

The early tiny houses were (very) cool, and these days it seems everyone wants a tiny house. But since not everyone wants to forego running water, tiny houses have seen quite the evolution over the years!

And with this evolution of the tiny home movement has come an endless stream of creativity! In fact, our team at Mint Tiny House Company is constantly amazed at the number of ways you all transform your tiny homes to serve your unique needs.

Are you thinking about buying a tiny house? 

If so, get ready to be inspired because today, we’ll share seven of the most popular ways people use tiny homes! Disclaimer: it’s not our fault if you end up buying two.

#1 - The Tiny Home Office

Do you work remotely or hope to do so soon? 

If you dream of never having to put on real pants and go into the office again, you will need a work-from-home office. A tiny house could be the ideal solution! 

Tiny home offices are becoming more popular daily because they provide serene workspaces with natural light that lend themselves to focus. Oh, and you can’t forget the convenience of having a small kitchen nearby!

#2 - The Tiny House Yoga Studio

You work hard, and you deserve a calming space where you can relax. After all, mental health is everything.

So if you love the serenity of tiny home design, appreciate indoor/outdoor spaces, and value exercise, how about a tiny house yoga studio to help you unwind?

Tiny houses make perfect yoga studios because they are intentional spaces. 

And if you add a skylight to your tiny house, you can gaze at the clouds when you’re in your warrior one pose!

#3 - The Tiny House Vacation Rental

How do we put this? 

Tiny houses can do very well as vacation rentals.

How much can you make from a tiny house Airbnb? 

Well, the location of your tiny home will matter, of course, but some people make a full-time income just renting out their tiny house (or tiny houses!) to folks looking to get away.  

Even if you live in your tiny house, you could still cash in on the tiny house vacation rental market by renting your tiny house on Airbnb when you travel. Um, did someone just offer you money to go on vacation?!

#4 - The Tiny House Vacation Home

Speaking of vacation, have you always dreamed of owning a luxury vacation home? 

If you love where you live but want somewhere to escape to, a Mint tiny house makes the perfect vacation getaway!

If you’re going for a rustic cabin vibe, we’ll leave the natural wood color of the walls and ceiling. Or, if you picture a bright kitchen with butcher block countertops for cooking all your favorite summer recipes, we’ll paint your tiny house kitchen white and include a tiny house oven with a gas stove! 

Staying in hotels is expensive. And everyone has slept in the bed. And if you have a tiny house vacation home, you can let people borrow it. (Nice people.)

#5 - Your Child's First (Tiny) House

All parents want the best for their children. And that includes safety and financial stability. 

So what better way to create both while teaching them valuable life lessons than to purchase a tiny house on their behalf? 

Tiny houses give older kids their own spaces. And since tiny houses on wheels are relatively easy to transport, when your child goes off to college, they can do so as a homeowner!

If your child wants to live in a tiny house forever, we fully support that! Many people do. And if a tiny house is just a stop along the way, what better asset to provide safety and structure as they navigate those first few years of adulthood? 

And who knows? Maybe down the line, you’ll use the tiny home to live near your children! The tiny home possibilities are truly endless.

That's a higher R-value than my traditional house!

That’s not a question. 😉

#6 - The Tiny House Retail Store

Q. Can you turn a tiny house into a retail store?

A. People have done it before! 

And given how crazy people are for tiny houses, why wouldn’t you use the tiny home fanfare to draw attention to your small business?

Tiny house layouts can be adjusted to make more room for merchandise, so if you’d like us to skip the small kitchen and build you a tiny house with more space for your wares, just let us know!

#7 - The Tiny House Dream Home

Clearly, tiny houses have a ton of applications, but for many of our customers, their tiny house is their dream home. 

Some buy a tiny house for retirement purposes, while others plan to be living in a tiny house with kids. 

Whatever your life looks like, though, a tiny home is an incredible opportunity to design your life the way you see fit.

So go on, tell our tiny home sales team that you need a tiny house with a walk-in closet like you’ve always imagined. There’s no time like the present for your best life to unfold. You deserve it.

As you can see, the tiny home options are endless! Mobile grooming salon? Video gamer’s streaming pod? Tiny house escape room? Once you imagine it, just add a tiny house to take things to the next level. 

Tiny houses truly are one of the most versatile structures out there, and here at Mint Tiny House Company, we love to be inspired! So please reach out and tell us your tiny house ideas! 

That’s all for today, but we’ll be back next week with more tiny house inspo! You’ve subscribed to our tiny house blog, right? Excellent.

We’ll see you then!

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