6 Ways a Mint Tiny Home is the Mental Health Makeover You’ve Been Waiting For!

Let’s tell it like it is, shall we? We live in a time of chaos.

Our phones are constantly beeping, our closets and garages are exploding with “stuff,” and our schedules feel like reality TV game shows! Technology claims to keep us in touch, but somehow, our relationships feel more disconnected than ever before.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, we have excellent news.

The data from tiny home dwellers is in.

It turns out that tiny homes can help you downsize your possessions, limit your responsibilities, safeguard your future, and even improve your relationships.

Ready to learn more?

Here’s what a Mint tiny house could do for your mental health!

#1 Tiny Homes Encourage Intentional Living

A simple life and an intentional one go hand in hand, and if simple living has been a goal, a tiny house could be just the tool you need to craft your intentional life.

Intentional living is all about honing in on what you value most.

We often think we know what we value, but tiny home buyers report that they can define their values much more clearly once they begin the tiny house downsizing process. There’s
something about being forced to choose that brings clarity followed by peace.

So what happens after you’ve downsized and are living happily ever after in your Mint tiny home? Well, that’s when the mental health benefits of the tiny house lifestyle truly reveal themselves!

Tiny home owners have eliminated a lot of chaos from their lives and their homes, and trust us, the tiny home glow-up is real!

#2 Tiny Homes Give You an Excuse to Say ‘No”

Do you have a cousin who gives you gift baskets of lotions for every possible holiday even though synthetic scent makes you sick and the bottles clutter up your bathroom storage for years to come?

This is the sort of scenario that can quietly wreak havoc on your mental health. Fortunately, this is also the sort of scenario your tiny house will put an end to!

Your Mint tiny house is also available to get you out of hosting responsibilities, overnight guests, and storing things for others.

Now, of course, we build plenty of storage and crafty tables into our tiny homes so you can do these things, but only if you want to. We promise no one will argue with the excuse,

I’d love to, but I live in a tiny house….

#3 Tiny Homes Offer a Flexible Living Arrangement

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world right now, and not knowing what the road ahead looks like can seriously tax our mental health!

Tiny homes are not only small but often built on wheels, making them a transportable living arrangement.

Not sure where a job or relationship will take you next? Not a problem.

A tiny house will provide you with the flexibility you need to pivot because you can take your house with you! In fact, you won’t even have to pack.

(Just be sure to secure your tiny house appliances with ratcheting straps before you take off on the next adventure!)

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#4 Tiny Homes Reveal People’s True Colors

You know what’s stressful? Having people in your life who aren’t meant for you.

Conveniently, a tiny home can help with this too!

Here’s the thing. Tiny homes concentrate energy, so if someone sets foot in your tiny home, their “vibe” will quickly be revealed. This allows you to decide if you want them around before they have a chance to take up space in your life.

Even better, a tiny home can be an energy-sorting tool even before someone comes over!

All you have to do is casually mention that you live in a tiny house and wait for the person’s reaction. If they don’t “get” why you would want to live a more sustainable life, on your own terms, surrounded by what you love most, then away they go!

(Your mental health is worth it!)

#5 Tiny Homes Put an End to Consumerism Chaos

Or at least they help mitigate consumerism chaos.

If you are used to going to Target and coming home with ten bags even though you only meant to buy a single item, guess what? Your tiny house is about to become the world’s best simple living training tool.

Stuff often creates chaos, and chaos is taxing to our mental health. So if you are over the gymnastics of paying for, transporting, storing, maintaining, and otherwise caring for the stuff in
your life, a tiny home could be your way to a more serene future!

#6 Tiny Homes Bring Good Relationships Closer

If you live in a multi-person household, you probably know how easy it is for everyone to disappear into a different room and stare at an individual screen.

If you’ve been trying to become closer to your spouse or children, but aren’t sure what change to make, your tiny house could help you with this one.

Reducing square footage naturally brings people together and fosters communication, which are the pieces that make good relationships great ones.

And really, is there anything better for your mental health?


Here at Mint Tiny House Company, we will always tell it to you like it is.

The truth is that some parts of a tiny home journey will be easy, and some parts will be tricky, but overall, we’re confident that a tiny home will contribute to your mental health on so many levels. 

Have you looked at our tiny house gallery more times than you can count?

If so, it might be time to take that next step. Just click here to schedule your free tiny home consultation.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog; we can’t wait to meet you!

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