Do You Have a Million Tiny Home Questions? Here’s Where to Find Answers

If you are used to handling life independently, we applaud you. 

But also, support is important and your support team has arrived. 

Hello! We are the team behind  Mint Tiny House Company. And with almost a decade of tiny home experience under our belts, we are some of the most seasoned tiny home builders in the business!

We have learned a lot over the years, but one key piece is this: 

You will need support throughout your tiny home journey and beyond.

Tiny homes are still relatively new structures, so it can be tricky to find quality information on the internet. 

As tiny home builders, we see it as our responsibility to make sure you have the know-how to make empowered decisions. We also want to ensure that you will have a successful tiny home experience even years after we give you the keys. 

Over the years, we’ve created a number of tools to help accomplish these goals, and today, we’ll be going over all of the tiny home resources Mint Tiny House Company has to offer. 

We’re going to show you where to find information about everything from tiny home design to tiny home certifications. 

(Oh, and be sure to read through to the end because we also include information on how to obtain financing for a tiny house!)

Alright! Are you ready to dive into your tiny home resources? Let’s start with this blog…

Our (New!) Tiny Home Blog

The first thing you should know about our support is that it comes from all angles. 

This blog is a great place to start because it will offer the information you need to make educated tiny home decisions, as well as the inspiration you’ll need to keep going. If that sounds good to you, be sure to subscribe to our tiny house blog here!

Here at Mint, we get a ton of questions from people who want to buy a tiny house. That’s why we’ve put in the effort to build a rather extensive Frequently Asked Questions section on our website. That way, you can browse at your leisure to find the answers you seek. 

Our FAQ section is separated into the following five categories:

  • Design
  • Purchase Process
  • Information for Clients in the USA
  • Land & Location
  • RV Certification

This section will be able to answer many of your questions, but if you still have a few left, don’t worry; we have options below that will help you get in touch with a member of our team! 

Here is something you should know about us here at Mint: we aren’t content to sell you a tiny house and send you on your way. It’s important to us that you have support before, during, and after you buy a tiny house- and that’s why we created our downloadable guides! 

Tiny House Winter Guide

Our Winter Guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to do to celebrate a successful winter in a tiny house. It details precautions you’ll want to take and gives information about  items you may want to have on hand.

Winter weather (especially here in Canada!) is no joke, but our homes are up to the task, and with our winter guide, you will be too!

Tiny House Site-Services Guide

When you embark on a tiny home journey, you are probably focused on things like choosing a tiny home design, obtaining tiny home financing, and finding legal tiny home parking. And while these things are important to address, here’s a piece that might sneak up on you: how the heck are you supposed to set up your tiny home when it arrives?

Don’t worry- we’ve got support in that department as well! The good news is that setting up your Mint tiny house is probably easier than you think. But we’ll still go over everything you’ll need to know in our Site-Services Guide!

Tiny Home Registration & Insurance Guide

How do you register a tiny home? And where can one buy tiny home insurance? 

These are excellent questions- and since they are important things to get right, we created a downloadable Registration & Insurance Guide so you don’t have to scour the corners of the internet and sort through conflicting bits of information. How does that sound?

Are you ready for the big one? It’s time to tackle your questions about tiny home financing.

Tiny Home Financing

If you have ever googled “financing for a tiny home” or “tiny house financing,” chances are that you ended up more confused than before your search query. 

Here at Mint, we like to make things super easy, so we’ve done the research to find tiny home financing resources for you. You can’t get a traditional home mortgage for a tiny house RV, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find financing to buy a tiny home. 

Free Tiny Home Phone Consultations

Even if you’ve read through our FAQ section, learned a thing or two from our blog, and perused our downloadable guides, chances are good that you will still have a few questions. 

Is a tiny home really for me?

Is my plan realistic?

What if I want to have a drumset/craft station/sauna in my tiny house- can you make that happen? 

For the record, yes- we’ve done it before! But we know it’s still helpful to talk these things out with a real live human! 

That’s why when you’re ready, it’s best to set up a free phone consultation. That way, we can listen to the specifics of your story and talk through any lingering questions you may have.

That’s all for today- we’re glad you joined us! If you’d like to subscribe to our tiny house blog, we’ll send information and inspiration straight to your inbox every single week. Thanks for reading, and we hope to meet you soon!

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