Less Space Will Change Your Life. Here’s How.

When downsizing, people often fixate on what they will “lose.”

It can be easy to focus on the square footage that will be lost, the storage that will no longer be available, and the stuff one will have to let go of as a result.

But while it is a natural tendency to view these things through the eyes of loss, there is something beautiful about having less space.

In a world filled with too many choices, a tiny home is an invitation to come back to intentional living.

Yes, you will give up some space, but we’re about to share with you all the things you’ll gain when you downsize into a Mint tiny home.

Small Spaces Change Consumption Patterns (for the Better!)

If you have ever cleaned out a garage, you understand how out of control the “stuff” can get.
Our modern culture has us buying big houses and filling them to the brim with everything we’ve been taught we “need.”

The truth is that while “stuff” makes our lives easier in some ways, we don’t need or deeply cherish most of what we own. So now what? How do we get back to meaningful, manageable living?

Fortunately, this is where a Mint tiny house comes into play.

Tiny homes by definition have less space for things we don’t need or deeply value. This
naturally shapes the consumption patterns of tiny home owners.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though! Here are a few sentiments shared by a Mint tiny home owner:

  • Living in a tiny home makes me think carefully before I buy something.
  • I often delay purchases, find work-arounds, or skip buying things altogether.
  • I shop locally more often.
  • I borrow from and share things with my neighbours more often.
  • If I buy the wrong thing, I am quick to donate it.
  • I love everything I own.
  • Holidays and gifts involve experiences, food, wine, and a lot less plastic.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for out of a tiny home? If so, just keep reading because we’re only just getting started!

Smaller Spaces Elevate Your Life

Having less space means you experience things more intensely. So if you’ve been meaning to live on fire, a Mint tiny home could be your invitation to craft your highest and best possible life.

When you live close to what you own, you realize how imperative it is that you love your things. If you love them, you’ll appreciate them more, and if you don’t, you’ll do something about it.

The tiny house lifestyle has no room for complacency, thanks to all the joy.

So, if you’re looking to have that next-level experience of your life, you are one tiny home away from doing so. All thanks to a reduction of space.

Smaller Spaces Mean Cozier Living

You know that feeling you get when it’s a gray winter day, and you’re wrapped in a blanket with
a strong cup of coffee and a good book?

It’s great, right?

If you live for that level of coziness, you will flourish in a Mint tiny home.

Small spaces like tiny homes naturally lend themselves to coziness. We design our loft bedrooms to feel like tree houses, and butcher block countertops paired with our rustic lighting package will bring warmth to your space.

So stop waiting for that perfect winter storm to bring the cozy moments you deserve. With a Mint tiny home, cozy moments will be yours to enjoy all year round.

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Small Spaces Strengthen Relationships

When two people are in a small space, like a tiny home, their energy is concentrated.

If the relationship is healthy, this means each party will get to enjoy more of the person they love!

And if the relationship is stressed?

Well, this could be tough at first, but like we said earlier, a tiny home won’t allow for complacency.

Less space means you’ll have to cross paths more often, which will foster communication that ultimately improves the relationship.

Basically, having less space means you will enjoy your relationship more and approach it more intentionally. So cheers to you! May your love only strengthen in a tiny home.

Less Space Encourages Mindful Habits

If you lived in a house with a huge laundry room, you could just throw your towels in the general direction of the washing machine and let ‘em pile up. But this won’t work in a tiny home!

Having less space, you’ll own fewer towels to begin with. And because you won’t have a dedicated laundry room (and really, who wants to dedicate that much space to laundry?!) you won’t be able to throw towels haphazardly.

The result is that your tiny home will teach you good habits more effectively than any parent or school program ever could!

You don’t have to become a clean freak, but your friends will notice you becoming tidier once you move into a Mint tiny home! 😉


In this blog post, we outlined all the ways living with less space will change your life.

Living in a Mint tiny home will help you gain more value from the things you own, more depth when it comes to experiencing your life, more frequent cozy moments, more joy in your relationships, and more mindful habits that will shape your day-to-day living.

How funny to think that all of this ‘more’ comes from having less.

Less space truly does have the power to change your life in a multitude of directions. And to be honest, this list is just the beginning. The positive impacts of living with less square footage are practically endless.

Are you ready to take your tiny home journey out of the dreaming phase and into the doing phase?

If so, we’d love to chat. Just click here to book your free tiny home consultation.

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog; we can’t wait to meet you!

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