Your Ultimate Tiny House Couch Shopping Guide!

Couches are where we relax, watch TV, read books, chat with loved ones, and generally recharge so we can be prepared for the demands of life.

So, couches are an important piece of living room furniture!

And couches don’t become any less important in a tiny house! In fact, we’d argue that a tiny house couch is even more important than a couch in a traditional home because you’ll have less furniture overall.

Many tiny home dwellers forgo armchairs, side tables, armoires, and even coffee tables after downsizing, but what is left? The couch. That’s what makes shopping for a small couch a huge deal!

At Mint, we’re here to support every stage of your tiny home journey, right down to the couch. So let’s get to it.

This is your Ultimate Tiny House Couch Shopping Guide!

Where to Shop for Small Couches

As more people downsize, the demand for small couches increases.

(Great news for you if you’re shopping for the perfect small couch for your tiny house living room!)

But where do you buy a small couch?

Here are a few places to shop for small living room furniture items that are great for tiny houses!

Small Couches – Ikea

At Ikea, you will find a ton of furniture pieces, decor items, and other home goods that are small and perfect for tiny homes!

Ikea has many small couches to choose from, and because they have showrooms, you’ll even be able to try-before-you-buy!

Small Couches – is an online retailer that specializes in furniture and home decor.

Luckily for tiny home enthusiasts, they offer a ton of small couches you can use to furnish your tiny house living room!

We like because of the variety. They have everything, so if your tiny house vision includes a pink, tufted small couch, they can make that happen.

Small Couches – Home Reserve

Home Reserve is known for its custom sectionals, which make great couches for tiny homes.

Sectionals allow you to build-a-couch that is just the right size for your small living room. Even better, their couches come with washable couch covers, some of which are made of pet fabric!

Small Couch Features

If you are shopping for a tiny home couch, you will want to consider features as well as retailers.

So let’s talk those!

Here are the couch features you’ll want to consider when shopping for the best couches for small living rooms.

Small Couch Shape

Of course, there is the classic small rectangular-shaped couch, but there are also small L-shaped couches, and small u-shaped couches that could work for your tiny house living room.

In choosing, you’ll want to consider window placement, door placement, TV placement, and the entertaining of guests when choosing the best small couch shape for a tiny house.

Small Couch Armrest Shape

Armrest shape is a small couch decision most people don’t think about, but it’s one you’ll want to consider if you are buying a small couch for a tiny house living room!

Here’s the thing: in tiny homes, surface area is limited, so any flat surface becomes extremely valuable.

You probably won’t want to set a cup of coffee on the armrest of your small couch, but a small couch with flat armrests will give you a place to set a book or plate of snacks in your tiny house living room!

Small Couch Washability & Durability

Hopefully, your plate of snacks never spills on your small couch, but on the off chance it does, washability is another couch factor to consider when shopping for tiny home furniture!

Washability and durability go hand-in-hand, but the bottom line is this: anything in a tiny home will get used harder than in a regular home because it will get used more often.

So think realistically about color, fabric type, and washability as well as the presence of pets and the number of people living in the tiny home.

Small Couch Use

Finally, let’s discuss how you will use your small couch.

If you are shopping for a tiny house couch for your small living room, you’ll want it to serve double or even triple duty!

Of course, a tiny house couch will be a place to sit down, but small couches can be so much more.

Guest Seating in a Tiny House

If you plan to entertain guests in a tiny home, you’ll want to have adequate guest seating.

This is one scenario where an L-shaped or U-shaped couch may come in handy because these types of small couches allow people to face each other.

Hosting Guests in a Tiny House

Will your guests be spending the night?

If you plan to host overnight guests, it may be with considering a small couch that converts to a
bed. You won’t want to base your small couch decisions on this feature alone, but if you plan to have frequent overnight guests, a small pull-out couch or small convertible couch could help you host more easily.

Small Couch Storage

The final thing to consider when shopping for the best small couch for your tiny house living room is this: storage.

Even small storage couches can provide a ton of tiny house storage. Best of all, storage
couches are capable of storing large and/or bulky items that can be tricky to fit in other types of tiny house storage.

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Already Googling Best Small Couches for Tiny Homes?

Are you already Googling “best small couches for tiny homes”?

If so, let us help you find the perfect tiny home to go with it!

After all, if you are reading this tiny house blog post, you know it’s important to consider window and door placement when purchasing a small couch for a tiny house living room.

It’s time to buy a tiny house— and a small couch to go with it!

Thanks for reading our tiny house blog; we can’t wait to meet you!

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